You will no longer be able to enter Fitbit with your Facebook account

Since Google’s acquisition of the Fitbit company, we cannot say that many things have changed, except for the recently presented Fitbit Luxe, a “Premium” quantifying bracelet in terms of design and price. However, if you are a user of one of their devices and have recently entered their website, you will come across a new message, which alerts that they will soon cease to be compatible with Facebook.

“You won’t be able to log into your account with your Facebook credentials shortly.”

Fitbit login web.

With this message, Fitbit introduces the news to users and alerts them to change their login credentials. All this is important if users want to avoid that their account ends up in nobody’s territory, or what is the same, problems accessing or recovering their present or past data.

Fitbit has a page in its help tutorial (in English) that outlines the process for changing your email address, either from the app or the web page. We can access this help from the notice issued by Fitbit but, essentially, it is about going to the Fitbit settings and “Change email address.”

Fitbit login web.

As for when the migration period for Facebook accounts will end or the reasons that lead the company to eliminate said support, Google has not commented on anything. We may remind users that using our Google account is still a valid option for accessing Fitbit services.

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