Xiaomi Redmi A1 GCam Apk

The Redmi A1 is currently the cheapest mobile in the Xiaomi catalog and, without a doubt, it is the most recommended smartphone for less than 100 euros.

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Unfortunately, to offer such a low price, Xiaomi has had to make significant sacrifices in the Redmi A1’s hardware and this is mainly noticeable in the camera.

The results of its dual rear camera, which uses 8 MP (main) and 2 MP (bokeh) sensors, leave a lot to be desired.

But here we bring you good news: there is already a GCam compatible with the Redmi A1 and we’ll leave you the link right away so you can download its APK and try it out.

It greatly improves the photographic quality of the mobile, especially in dimly lit scenes, so don’t miss it.

How to download GCam for Redmi A1

As it is a mobile that uses a reduced version of Android ( Android 12 Go ), obviously it only supports the light version of the Google Camera: GCam Go.

This version includes all of Google’s photography algorithms that squeeze camera sensors, but it doesn’t have as many features to work smoothly and quickly on low-resource mobiles, such as the Redmi A1.

Be that as it may, as you can see in the video above, the GCam Go greatly improves the camera performance of the Redmi A1. If you want to install the same GCam used in the video, download the following APK:

Download | GCam Go APK for Redmi A1

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However, we recommend you take a look at the official GCam Go MODs repository where you will find more recent versions of this camera application.

The versions that work best are these:

  • ” CameraGo_2.5_Greatness_Special-2
  • ” GCAMGO_3.3.439_SHAMIM_V1 “.

You can try others, but they may not work quite well on your Redmi A1.

How to install GCam on Redmi A1

GCam Go for Redmi A1 is installed like any other APK. If you have never installed these types of files, simply follow this tutorial on how to install an APK file on Android step by step.

No need to use a configuration file or anything like that. It’s just “install and use”. Anyway, if you need more help with installing GCam on Redmi A1 you can let us know in the comments.

  • First, download these configuration files onto your phone.
  • Using the file manager app make a new folder and name it “GCam.”
  • Now open the Gcam folder that we create in the last step then create one more folder and name it configs7
  • move the configs7 file into the configs7 folder
  • Now close the file manager and open the google camera app and tap twice on the blank area next to the shutter button.
  • Tap on the settings given in the window and then press the restore button.
  • Return to the app drawer, then launch the application once more.

Recommended Settings:

That’s it! Now you have the GCam app ready to take photos and record videos on your Redmi A1 with its characteristic high quality. If you had any problems following this tutorial, feel free to let us know.

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