Xiaomi MIJIA LED Bulb with Bluetooth mesh for 1.70

Although the cost of smart lamps that can be controlled with digital assistants or with the smartphone is falling, it is still significantly higher than traditional counterparts.

For Xiaomi this is a massacre, wanting to democratize the smart home and make it accessible to everyone. In this regard, we point out that in China it has just launched the new one Xiaomi MIJIA LED Bulb with Bluetooth mesh which has a cost of just 1.70 euros.

The product is currently crowdfunded at Xiaomi Mall for a price of 249 yuan (about 17 euros) for 10 pieces. The offer also includes a free Redmi Small Love Speaker worth 79 yuan, which means that those who participate in the loan pay about 17 yuan (about 1.70 euros) for each piece.

As soon as the smart lamp has arrived in the real market, the cost will go up to 29.99 yuan (about 3.50 euros) per unit. LED bulbs are expected to begin shipping on February 19.

Just like other smart bulbs, the MIJIA LED Bulb can be paired with devices that support Bluetooth such as smartphones, smart speakers and smart displays. It is a solution very similar to that integrated by Philips in its latest versions of Hue bulbs for interiors (instead of the Zigbee protocol that requires a central hub they rely on Bluetooth mesh).

The Xiaomi MIJIA LED Bulb is also equipped with adjustable color temperature and brightness. Being an LED bulb, we find a very low power consumption of 5 W (with an estimated brightness of 500 lumens, sufficient to adequately illuminate a small-medium sized room). T

here color temperature can be adjusted between 2700-6500K, depending on whether you want a warmer (yellowish) or colder (whiteish) light.

We can hope for the arrival of the Xiaomi MIJIA LED Bulb also in the Italian market? Xiaomi has already launched its smart bulbs developed with Yeelight in Italy, so the hopes are not exactly zero. We will see how the situation evolves.

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