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Xiaomi Mi A2 Officiall Android 10 Update

Xiaomi Mi A2 Officiall Android 10 Update e1578821855295

In the last few days, there has been a bit of a hyper about the devices moved by Android One. In particular, the Xiaomi Mi A3 has seen the protagonist of a somewhat curious fact, namely the opening of a petition in his name to receive the update to Android 10.

Comments aside, given that the story does not need it, considering also the small number of promoters of this action, it seems that something has moved for these devices with the non-MIUI system.

In fact, after a day from the release of the kernel source codes, here comes the update for Xiaomi Mi A2 of Android 10. The second Xiaomi device with Android One is now receiving the coveted update.

Xiaomi Mi A2 officially receives the update to Android 10

All users who have long since lost their hopes will jump for joy. All lovers of the pure and stock Android experience, as well as I, did it, will now be able to enjoy all the news that Android 10 has brought. The update in question that brings the coveted Android 10 on Xiaomi Mi A2 weighs well 1.3 GB and began its rollout just last night.

Although the update is considered ” stable “, users who installed it report that there is still some lag. There are problems with the user interface and features like VoWiFi are missing. APEX packages also require that you have a locked bootloader.

On the other hand, it’s Android 10 and it will be sometime before the first problems are reported and corrected. Even if there are these small problems, we recommend updating the device being always careful to make a nice backup before proceeding. This full-bodied package also brings the December 2019 security patches.

Among the novelties that users will be able to try right away, there are: sharing through the Sharing Shortcuts; the dark mode that allows you to set the black color to a wide level, therefore for the whole system; the floating windows and useful features of smart replies that allow the device to predict what will be our response to a message received to facilitate the writing task and then reply; the improvement in the geolocation experience since it will be possible to disable access to this permission for some apps without losing the ability to use them.

In terms of performance, the developers have improved theART runtime that allows a significantly faster start of the app and consequent optimization of memory usage.

We do not spoil the rest because we want to leave you the surprise of trying all the news with your fingertips. Tell us if you like this new Android 10!

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