Xiaomi CC9 / Mi 9 Lite Start Receiving Stable Android 10 Update

Xiaomi CC9 / Mi 9 Lite Start Receiving Stable Android 10 Update

Many have complained about the lack of support for updates of some devices, even quite recent, by Xiaomi. Among the most sensational cases, we find the Mi Mix 3 5G, stopped at Android 9.0, a patch of October 2019 and still MIUI 10, but if this could perhaps represent a niche smartphone, the same cannot be said for Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite, better known at home as Xiaomi CC9.

Well after the persistent update requests from users, the company has listened, processed and now made available the release of the major release of the Google OS, aka Android 10, an update that also brings the updated security patches to February 2020, but wait before exulting because although the update is available in a stable form this at the moment is dedicated only to the user who mounts Chinese ROM.

It shouldn’t be long before the global user also receives the OTA notification for Android 10 on Mi 9 Lite, or maybe yes, as at the moment there seems to be compatibility and optimization problems of some third-party apps to Android 10. Anyway, before proceeding with the firmware update, as it will be the operating system that will undergo the greatest changes, it is always recommended to make a backup copy of the most important data of your Mi 9 Lite.

Xiaomi CC9 / Mi 9 Lite receives the update to stable Android 10

The update changelog certainly does not lack the usual bug fixes and various fixes, which contribute to the full-bodied update weighing 2.3 GB which brings MIUI 11 to version Ok, you will still have to wait before seeing your smartphone updated to Android 10, but at least we know that it is out of the list of devices abandoned by the company.

A lean consolation but always better than being, like myself, in the hands of a top of the range pioneer of 5G, without however enjoying any news of the MIUI 11 implemented also on more obsolete devices. Did I convince and comfort you better?



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