Windows Phone GDR3, screenshots leaked

Windows Phone GDR3 is beginning to be a source of leaks to the network when many users still have not received their devices updating Nokia Lumia Lumia Amber . We can get to know some news that will bring the update.

Among the innovations that will bringWindows Phone GDR3 we will meet with the ability to close apps from the multitasking list, blocking orientation, a driving mode to be activated manually or by connecting to car Bluetooth devices.

Windows Phone V GDR3 E1DD 520x292, screenshots leaked

More news will be the configuration of Wi-Fi with the beginning of the phone the first time or customizing sounds for emails, messages and various notifications.

Bittersweet Shimmer Lumia Windows Phone GDR3, screenshots leaked

It is rumored that the update Windows Phone GDR3 should arrive with the launch of Nokia Lumia 1520 for next November. But I’m sure we will learn more features before.