Why won’t the Nokia 9 PureView update to Android 11?

Nokia 9 PureView update

With some delay, mobile device maker Nokia has been massively updating its devices to Android 11. Some of them even received the respective update a year after the launch of this version of Google’s mobile operating system.

So far everything seemed fine, but shocking news left the owners of the Nokia 9 PureView speechless. The most expensive Nokia terminal to date runs out of Android 11, information that has been confirmed by the company itself on social networks.

The most expensive Nokia to date runs out of Android 11

As mentioned by Nokia on its website and information channels, the company made the difficult decision not to upgrade the Nokia 9 PureView to Android 11 for various reasons.

One of the most relevant is the incompatibility between the camera and the software. According to Nokia, Android 11 worsens the user experience, as well as not meeting the company’s high standards.

In this way, the Nokia 9 PureView is unable to receive any more Android updates, what does this mean? That the terminal will remain with Android 10 forever.

Of course, it must be clarified that Nokia confirmed that this terminal will continue to receive security updates, until when? Until the mobile is three years old from its launch (end of the year 2022).

Do you have the Nokia 9 PureView? Take advantage of this offer to change it

If you have a Nokia 9 PureView and want to try the new features offered by Android 11, you will have to charge your phone. For this, Nokia offers the owners of this model a 50% discount to acquire any Nokia of the X series, such as the Nokia XR20.

Of course, the offer is valid until March 31, 2022, and not all countries can access it (the discount does not apply to Spain). Similarly, you can get the Nokia XR20 on Amazon by clicking on the link that we leave at the end of the note (this model has Android 11).