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WhatsApp will receive the most desired function by users, but only on the Web

WhatsApp is the most used instant communications platform in the world, with more than two billion active monthly users (data from Statista). It is mainly based on its app for Android and iOS mobile devices, but it also has the Web version.

In fact, we can find its services not only through the browser (Web version) but also from programs for Windows and Mac, for example. Now, however, we have excellent news on the way to WhatsApp Web.

Given the requests of users, there is good news for WhatsApp Web

As the publication points out TechRadar, the version beta WhatsApp Web already makes it possible to use its service without having a phone connected to the Internet. So far, this is the condition sine qua non, or without which we were unable to use WhatsApp on the computer.

In fact, if we want to use WhatsApp on the web or on the computer – through the respective programs for Windows or Mac – we have to have the phone nearby. It is from the smartphone that access to the service and user account is established.

However, they are coming to the end of the days when it was (and is) necessary to point the smartphone’s camera at the QR code displayed on the screen to establish the authentication link. For version users beta, there is a new reality to be implemented.

Having your smartphone nearby will no longer be mandatory to use WhatsApp Web

The platform will have collected some feedback from the user base of its Web platform, which is one of the most recurring requests. Thus, it will no longer be mandatory to have the smartphone turned on and paired with the browser or browser.

According to the source, the news is present in the WhatsApp Web beta. Then it is no longer necessary to have the smartphone turned on to use WhatsApp in its desktop and portal areas. Furthermore, references to support for up to 4 devices to be used simultaneously were also detected.

This tells us that the platform owned by the Facebook group is also working on that possibility, support for multi-devices. It will be, as soon as it officially arrives, one of the biggest news since the service started operations.

In summary, the messaging service will become even more versatile. The user will be able to take advantage of the Web platform without having to use the smartphone to authenticate in the browser.

Finally, there is no date foreseen for the general availability, or public implementation, of such news. As soon as this takes place, we will also notify you in good time.

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