WhatsApp User Alert! Watch out for “bomb messages” that are circulating

bomb messages

WhatsApp is one of the most used communication applications in the world. Therefore, it is also one of the applications that have the most problems.

The new situation is called “bomb messages” and they are not as recent as that. They are messages in “binary” that look like unsubstantiated texts, however, that end up taking the application and your smartphone to exhaustion ending up crashing (crashing) the application.

WhatsApp still has no solution for “bomb messages”

Unfortunately, there is no solution in sight for the problem. The WABetaInfo staff explains the problem in a simple way. “I raised this question a few weeks ago. My followers said this is called” Binary “,” Contact bombs “,” Lock Zap “,” Crashers “or simply message / vcard crash. It is very complicated to explain, but these messages can crash (crash) WhatsApp whenever you open the application. “

Brazil is one of the countries that is suffering from the situation

Brazil, being one of the countries where most WhatsApp users exist, is also one of the countries where this type of evil most happens. The same is true in India.

As mentioned, there is still no solution in sight. Therefore, the best way to be sure that such a message does not reach your smartphone is not to share your number without a need to do so.

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