WhatsApp is calling users. If you see a missed call, don’t worry!

The user will have to grant the WhatsApp application, for Android and iOS, access to the call log if he wants to take advantage of this new means of checking the account. So if you see an unanswered WhatsApp call, don’t worry!

This is one of the novelties in distribution through the instant communications platform that can solve one of the current problems of the service. More specifically, the account authentication system, which continues to depend, in part, on a single method.

Missed a WhatsApp call? It is the new means of account authentication!


The communications platform belonging to the Facebook group is incorporating several improvements in its service. Recently, it started to make an Archive available for conversations that we don’t want to see at the top, but there is more to come.

We also have a new tool that facilitates the migration of the conversation history, the private and group chats, to an account with a new number, as well as other functions that facilitate the change of the phone number.

Well, in addition to the aforementioned news, there is the addition of a new account verification method. In effect, WhatsApp will start calling the phone number in question, leaving an unanswered call in the register, if the user allows it.

WhatsApp will make a “Flash Call”

Beta WhatsApp beta for Android what’s new? WhatsApp is developing flash calls, a new feature for automatic verification over calls to log into WhatsApp.https://t.co/wQ9AgyHynL

– WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) May 21, 2021

The operation of this new authentication method is really simple, but it can surprise users. The platform will make a quick call to our phone number, ending it automatically as soon as it connects.

The purpose is to check if the phone number that we associate with the WhatsApp account exists, thus operating the verification of it. However, this lightning call will be present in the history or log as a missed call.

Note, however, that to take advantage of this more secure method of authentication – by not involving the 6-digit code – it will have to be preceded by the granting of permissions to WhatsApp to access our call log.

It will be the new means of verifying the WhatsApp account


As the publication points out WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will only access the call log to confirm receipt of the verification call. Furthermore, this access will only be done once, during the account authentication process.

It should be noted that this option will not be mandatory to verify the number. It will be another way of doing this, and the user may choose to choose the traditional verification code. You can also revoke any permissions previously granted at any time by clicking on “Not Now” – “Not Now”.

For now, this function is available in the trial version (beta) of WhatsApp. There is no forecast for its general distribution, although this should happen over the next few weeks by updating the app for Android and iOS.

User safety will be enhanced, also on Instagram

Finally, we point out that the social network Instagram also plans to introduce 2FA, two-factor authentication. It will be a good reinforcement of security for the social network, available through the applications for Android and iOS.

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