Google SafeSearch

If you did an explicit search (content not suitable for minors) in Google, and the search engine showed you the following message: “Some results may be explicit”do not despair! Google is not controlling you, it is a new feature called SafeSearch that they have activated all over the world.

With the main objective of preventing underage children and adolescents from finding results that are not suitable for them, Google implemented a system that has surprised many. If you are interested in knowing what it is, what it is for, and how to deactivate or activate it, we recommend that you continue reading.


What is Google SafeSearch?

What is Google SafeSearch

SafeSearch is a new Google technology that is responsible for blocking explicit resultswhat are explicit results? Well, everything that has to do with videos and photos of high sexual content, as well as information that is not directed towards a child audience.

In summary, SafeSearch is a filter that does not allow that type of result to appear in the search engine. Although Google clarifies that this function is not perfect, 70% of the results related to these searches are successfully excluded.

How to activate or deactivate Google SafeSearch?

Luckily, Google has made available to everyone the option to enable or disable Google Search. To enable or disable this new feature within the search engine, you must perform all these steps:

  • Enter Google from your browser and then click on “Settings”.
  • A menu with several options will be displayed, click on the first one, the one that says “Search Settings”.
  • Within “Safe Search Filters”you must select the option you deem appropriate: “Show explicit results” to deactivate SafeSearch, or “Hide explicit results” to activate SafeSearch.

It is important to mention that some users have experienced errors when activating SafeSearch.