What if Google Maps is slowly moving Waze? 

oie EQjKUc1Vm9Qx - What if Google Maps is slowly moving Waze?

We read at andro4all.com

“Waze has been for many years the preferred application for users to know in real time the state of traffic while driving, it is a very powerful tool and has a whole community of drivers who, day by day, have been responsible for nurturing accurate information to the service, while Google Maps has been slowly incorporating a set of functions that have allowed it to stop being just a server of maps applications on the web to become the best version of Waze, integrating the best of artificial intelligence and the services of Google with the replica of the most outstanding features of the app of Israeli origin, acquired by those of Mountain View in 2013 for a little more than 1,000 million dollars. ” 

source: andro4all.com


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