WeWi launches SOL, a laptop that uses only solar energy

By | Saturday, Jul 06 2013 9:44AM

WeWi has announced a new laptop computer using the Ubuntu Linux operating system and has as its sole energy source sunlight. It is a computer designed for education, that allows users underdeveloped areas use a computer without having to connect to a power source.

The team has called SOL (Solar Laptop). The announcement was made at the London Convention Centre, conducting demonstrations of its functions with a prototype.

The development objective of this team is to accelerate the educational process in the developing countries. SOL is equipped with a battery charge can last between 8 and 10 hours.

The device design is robust, and is designed to withstand adverse conditions. An Intel have various capacities according to the user selection. In addition to the keyboard, touch pad interaction streamlines computer. The solar panel is included on the cover, located behind the display, and opens to capture energy rays emitted by the sun.

SOL is not intended only for developing countries but also for explorers and adventurers who need a team to accompany them on their expeditions.

The first launch will take place in Ghana. The expected price for SOL will be 300 or $ 400 and will include the Ubuntu Linux operating system and productivity applications set free download.

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