Watching Netflix with friends and family is a very frequent activity. Often it can happen that you start to see a series and not be able to complete the vision due to changing circumstances. With the global quarantine period, this has become a common story for millions of people.

During this time, someone has sharpened their wits and devised a way to continue watching the episodes together and commenting on them even from a distance.

The solution is called Netflix Party and is a handy extension currently only available on the Chrome browser and working on every desktop platform (Windows, macOS, Linux). We hope that similar extensions will soon be made for other streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and the new Disney Plus and that a way will be found to extend compatibility to other platforms.

It would be very convenient if the streaming services elaborated and included their own option for remote group viewing via the internet.


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How does Netflix Party work?

The extension works in a very simple way: it synchronizes the vision between the various instances (so that you can comment live ); shows at the side of the screen a convenient and simple shared chat (among the guests) and allows you to create a sharing link so you can invite our friends.

Netflix Party work


As mentioned, the service unfortunately only works with Netflix and only on PC or Mac.

How is it installed?

Before proceeding with the installation of the Netflix Party you need to make sure you have installed the Chrome browser. If you don’t have it, just go to the official website, download the executable, click on it and follow the procedure (it is in Italian and has no traps).

It only takes a few steps:

  • launch the Google Chrome browser
  • go to this page, dedicated to the installation of extensions
  • Press the ” Add ” button
  • in the dialog box that appears, click on “ Add extension “.

installation of Netflix Party

How do you use Netflix Party?

The use is very simple: a user must create the Party to which his friends connect and then share the link.

Let’s see in detail how those who create the Party for Netflix must behave:

  • go to Netflix and start the content of our interest (episode of series or film)
  • then press the icon of the installed extension at the top right of the browser interface (it is characterized by the letters ” NP ” – Netflix Party)
  • a dialog box will appear where we can choose whether we should be the only ones to control the playback or if we prefer that the control is shared
  • here if you want to start the party, click on the special blue button ” Start the party “

Start the party

  • the next dialog will give us the link to share with friends to add them to the party.

At this point, the role of the user who created the party is almost finished: he just has to send the connection link to his friends and inform them that, to complete the connection, after clicking on the link, they will also have to click on the Netflix Party icon (always characterized by the letters ” NP “).

Good vision!

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