Virtual reality glasses


Oculus rift

With this model, a new boom in virtual reality and devices for its visualization began. Initially, the developers believed that for the first implementation of the project glasses, in which the user can look around and see a picture that is amazing in-depth and realism, they will have enough $ 250,000 – they decided to collect money through Kickstarter.

As a result, the investment amounted to almost $ 2.5 million – and this was already a very serious application for a mass product. Even more noise around the startup came up when it was bought by Facebook – already for 2 billion.

And now the project went to the finish line: the other day, the delivery of the first batch of Oculus Rift, sold out in an online store in 15 minutes, began. The serial sample comes with an Xbox One controller and a special camera that will help determine the position of the head in space. Already at the start of entertainment, there are a lot of new things for the novelty: complete with glasses are the children’s arcade Lucky’s Tale and the space shooter EVE: Valkyrie,

in addition to the network you can find a lot of games from independent developers, and on YouTube – whole collections of panoramic videos.

Oculus Rift, which shows a picture with a resolution of 1080×1200 pixels for each eye at a refresh rate of 90 Hz, completely immerse you in fictional worlds, allowing you to turn your head in all directions (110 degrees) and lose any sense of the reality of what is happening.

Contribute to this and built-in headphones. Also for pre-order, special Oculus Touch hand controllers and a computer prepared for new technologies are available.

As for the latter, by the way, it is worth considering even before you buy a gadget, which at the start is offered for 600 euros – only high-definition gaming machines worth from 900 euros will pull a high-definition picture for virtual reality.

HTC Vive

HTC Vive

Unlike the main competitor, the Vive project appeared unexpectedly and without high-profile PR campaigns. These virtual reality glasses were developed by HTC together with Valve, a veteran of the gaming industry, which means there is no doubt in their quality. Along with the release of the gadget on the market (expected in April),

it is planned to open a special department of the Steam VR application and game store, and already now the list of announced software products for Vive is almost as impressive as Oculus.

The picture quality here is similar to the main competitor, but the set with glasses includes separate controllers that allow you to operate objects in virtual space.

Two blocks of a pulsed laser system that need to be installed in the corners of the room, plus an additional camera built into the body of the glasses themselves, will pick up the slightest movements of your hands and head. Such a move allows you not only to give you the feeling of immersion in a certain space but also to adjust this space to the actual reality.

So, moving around the room, you will see the contours of surrounding objects and walls, and individual application scenarios can work in the style of augmented reality – this is when the reality surrounding you does not change completely but is supplemented by different virtual elements. From such prospects is simply breathtaking!

Playstation VR

Since in the context of virtual space we are talking about games, their main provider on television screens simply could not stay away. Unlike competitors, Sony demonstrates a focus on games, and therefore on a well-defined broad audience. Along with the gadget, you won’t have to buy a heavy-duty computer: the Playstation 4 console itself will cope with all the miscalculations of the picture – though not without the help of an additional amplification unit, the user will receive it in the kit.

The picture is fully consistent with the demands of gamers: a record refresh rate of 120 Hz will make all movements very smooth, and a reaction delay of no more than 18 ms will eliminate the side effects of most virtual reality glasses – dizziness and nausea.


Track all manipulations and movements will be branded camera Playstation Camera, which some received complete with the console, and their fixation will occur by LEDs built into the glasses and controllers.

VR will be available for testing later this year. The list of games supporting virtual reality is not yet to be large, but, as practice shows, the application store is constantly filling up, and after the start of sales of points, things will quickly go smoothly.

Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens

This gadget will have to wait a long time: soon Microsoft plans to start selling versions for developers, which means that a ready-made version for users will not appear before next year. But the opportunities that these glasses are already demonstrating are simply amazing.

It’s worth mentioning right away that these are glasses of augmented reality, that is, they are not limited to a “deaf” screen, and through the glass, you see what surrounds you. And already on real objects, HoloLens can “superimpose” volumetric holograms, which are displayed on the lenses depending on the position of the head and your movements.

In the promo video, you can see simply incredible scenarios for using glasses: from banal games and all kinds of recordings of reminders on selected surfaces to quite serious structural design and a clear anatomical lecture, where the human heart can be examined in every detail from any angle.

Control of surrounding objects is done using gestures, they are read by the built-in camera. By the way, in HoloLens everything “built-in” is an independent computer, which does not need an additional calculation base for work.

It remains to wait for the finished version of the glasses on the shelves of stores – perhaps it is the product from Microsoft that will make that technological leap, after which the perception of the world without special means will become a bad man.