Virgilio Mail login and configuration data

Virgilio Mail login and configuration data: Virgilio Mail is an e-mail service one of the most used by people in Italy, in particular by people that wish to get work email messages inside a separate email box compared to the one they often use (private e-mails).

Working with Virgilio Email is very easy, simply sign in from the internet browser to the dedicated website to sign in or to sign up and handle all of your emails.

You can perform Virgilio login and create or answer emails directly from the web without using a software to install on your pc.

you can also install email client on your PC or read emails easily from the mobile, there is a “Virgilio Mail sign in configuration data” that will enable you to easy access your e-mail accounts, as well as links to get and use the email free application on Google android and also iOS.

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Virgilio Mail login and configuration data:

Virgilio’s e-mail can be managed in many ways, from the web, from the pc or smartphone, but above all for the last two choices, you should configure these to have the possibility to receive and send email messages. If you do not understand how to get it done, continue reading to learn how to enter the ‘configuration data’ and prepare the Virgilio mail box work.

Virgilio mail from browser:

As we have explained, the best quick method to control Virgilio mail is to access it with the web browser. If you still do not have the Virgilio mail account, visit this link and sign up to get your mailbox instantly working.

To register and enter the account that will give you access to a new box, click on Register.

Virgilio mail from browser

There are 2 options for you. Make a totally free virgilio account with 3GB of free space, or make a virgilio mailPlus account with 100GB of free space for € 29.99 annually with no advertising.

virgilio mailPlus account with 100GB

Click on one of the two choices: Register an account Virgilio mail to set-up the Virgilio mailbox for personal use. Register a mail account plus to make a Virgilio mail account for professional use.

Continue the registration, you will have to enter your personal information and immediately afterwards you will have your new Virgilio email account available.

If you already have a Virgilio account, then just click on Log in to sign in Virgilio mail, entering your email and password.

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Virgilio mail from client:

If you don’t want to open and access your mailbox from the web you can install an e-mail client on the pc. In this case you have to configure your Virgilio email address on any client installed on the COMPUTER (such as Thunderbird or Outlook).

To make use of mail by using a client, you have to manually entering the parameters of incoming and outgoing mail. Use the following guide to manually set up your mail client and log in to Virgilio.

TIP: Virgilio strongly discourages to change the protocol from POP to IMAP or vice versa because you could lose some emails changing protocol from one moment to another.
Use only one protocol on a single device! Personally, I always recommend using the IMAP protocol (more secure).

  • Username : enter your Virgilio mailbox complete with domain ( )
  • Password : enter the Virgilio email account password. If you change it from the Web remember to change it also in the client
  • Incoming mail server (IMAP)
    • Server:
    • Port: 993 with SSL
  • Incoming mail server (POP)
    • Server:
    • Port: 995 with SSL
  • SMTP outgoing mail server
    • Authentication: SSL
    • Server:
    • Door: 465

Many clients could enter these parameters automatically as soon as they place the Virgilio email (like Thunderbird); make sure in these cases that the data corresponds to those shown above.

Virgil Mobile Mail:

Pointless to say, the best way to read emails is the mobile application installed on your smartphone. If you want to easy access the Virgilio Mail mobile mailbox from your mobile phone or tablet, also get notifications when new e-mail arrive, you can download the official client from the following links (choose the right one depending on your operating system).

DOWNLOAD | Mail Virgil (iPhone or iPad)

Even the settings on smatphone is very easy. After installing the application on the smartphone, you will only need to enter your Virgilio Mail login details start viewing the inbox to read the emails, The login detailes are the username and password which you entered when signing up the new Virgilio account.