Guide: Install Viper4android on OnePlus 10T

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Install Viper4android on OnePlus 10T

Can’t you install ViPER4Android on your OnePlus 10T? Don’t worry, it’s a known issue. While it is a known issue that ViPER4Android cannot be installed on the OnePlus 10T, there are a few workarounds available to still get the most out of your audio experience.

This tutorial will show you how to use a different method to install ViPER4Android on a OnePlus 10T. The method used here is fully functional and has been personally tested by us on two different OEM devices, including the Pixel 3 XL on Android 10.

What is Viper 4 Android?

The ViPER520 Equalizer is an advanced audio equalization software that can improve the quality of music by fine-tuning sound frequencies. Additionally, the ViPER520 Equalizer has an intuitive user interface that allows users to easily adjust frequencies, choose from over 50 preset equalization options and customize settings to create a personalized sound experience

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To get the most out of the ViPER520 Equalizer, users need to gain root access in order to make use of advanced features such as applying different equalization settings for individual apps and toggling between modes.

Here is the easiest way to install the Viper4Android FX on your OnePlus 10T.

Before You Begin

Prior to beginning the instructions, it is imperative that all of the necessary requirements are fulfilled. To achieve this, users must first unlock the bootloader, flash a compatible custom recovery (TWRP or OrangeFox recommended), and then flash the Magisk ZIP file in order to root the device.

If it’s not rooted, you can follow these instructions to install Magisk or search our database for a rooting guide specific to your device. Ensure that you remove any audio modification libraries and previous versions of ViPER4Android that you may have previously installed. Once uninstalled, reboot your phone

Instructions to Install ViPER4Android on OnePlus 10T

Step 1: Get the newest ViPER4Android APK (version here.
Step 2: Use a file manager app on your OnePlus 10T to install the APK you downloaded.

install the APK you downloaded.

Step 3: Launch the ‘ViPER4Android’ app from your home screen or app drawer. After launching the ‘ViPER4Android’ app, do not be tempted to immediately install the drivers. but wait doesn’t install them.

Step 4: Open ‘Magisk Manager’ and go to the Downloads section of the app.

Step 5: Tap on the search icon at the top and search for ‘Audio Modification Library’ module and press the download icon next to it.

Audio Modification Library

  • To complete the process, simply click the ‘INSTALL’ button and wait for a few moments as the module is installed on your device.
  • After the Magisk module installer has finished, you may need to grant super user access to Viper4android before rebooting your phone

complete the process

Step 6: Now, open the ViPER4Android app again and tap “OK” to install the necessary V4A drivers.

Viper4android on OnePlus 10T

Step 7: When prompted, grant the app Superuser permissions.

The device will reboot automatically after the drivers have been installed.

Step 8: After rebooting the device, navigate to ‘Magisk Manager’ ‘Modules’ and uncheck the ‘Audio Modification Library’ to disable it.

uncheck the 'Audio Modification Library' to disable it.

Step 9: Return to ViPER4Android, repeat the driver installation process, and reboot the device. ​

Once you have rebooted your device, launch the ViPER4Android app from the app drawer the drivers should be properly installed and ViPER4Android should be running on your OnePlus 10T.

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Alternative Method

Download Links:

Viper4android: Download

Steps to Install Viper4android on OnePlus 10T:

  • make a complete backup (firmware + data)
  • root your device with magisk
  • download latest Viper4android zip
  • flash Viper4android via magisk
  • reboot
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