VideoProc: Simple Video Editing Program for Beginners

Video editing programs are solutions dedicated to editing and converting videos, they are essential if you want to edit your movie to make it suitable for publication.

A good video editor, allows you to add quality to your footage, eliminating imperfections and filing defects, with its advanced tools.

Today the technical quality of a video is fundamental for its success on social networks, now the public tends to avoid videos with low or fluctuating quality. VideoProc is a really simple solution that can help even beginners get its excellent video.

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VideoProc a single program with many functions

This software focuses on the richness of its offer since the launch you will notice that there are four programs in one:

VideoProc: 4 programs in one

  • the button “Video” Leads to a simple editor, with many advanced effects, useful for cutting, editing, or converting movies;
  • the section “DVD” Is dedicated to ripping your video discs, allowing you to extract the movies and make your backup copies (perhaps in a compressed format to save space);
  • the button “Downloader” Leads to a tool used to easily download movies and audio from video sharing services such as, it also supports the download of entire playlists;
  • Finally, for those who film tutorials or gameplay, the section “Recorder” that allows you to record in real-time what is happening on your screen (or on a portion of it), also recording comments, or even directly the contemporary shot of our Webcam. If you are God YouTuber this part of VideoProc could significantly simplify your work.

VideoProc focuses on hardware acceleration

Most modern PCs have a dedicated or integrated graphics card (called GPU in jargon, that is Graphics Processing Unit), which takes care of processing everything we see on the screen.

For a long time, some tasks such as video conversion and processing have been delegated exclusively to the computational capacity of the processor (CPU). This seemed quite normal since it is the CPU that normally does the calculations that carry out the operations of a PC.

With the arrival of HD formats and then UltraHD like 4K, it has been noticed how video cards, which have a structure dedicated to coding and decoding and powerful circuits dedicated to calculations, can give enormous help to processing in some fields, such as video editing.

This collaboration between CPU and GPU is called hardware acceleration, allows to reduce the processing and conversion times of the videos and to easily manage the 4K streams on machines on which it would not have been possible before.

Hardware acceleration

VideoProc has focused heavily on the implementation of hardware acceleration, in all our tests our video card was immediately recognized and the function was automatically activated. Thanks to Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA proprietary Level-3 hardware acceleration, this editor can offer excellent transcoding and editing performance even in 4K, ensuring maximum quality.

You can check that VideoProc supports hardware acceleration on your system by simply downloading the trial version by installing and starting it.

Video editing and conversion on VideoProc

Video editing and conversion on VideoProc

Video-editing is the main section of the program, here there are many useful and powerful filters, which allow you to improve your footage. Among these, it is worth mentioning:

  • De shake, stabilize your videos without compromising their quality;
  • Denoise, removes background noise, raising the quality of the shot;
  • Fisheye corrects the distortion given by the wide-angle lens (especially useful for shooting with Action Cams);
  • 3D to 2D, convert a 3D video to a common two-dimensional one.

It is also obviously possible: increase the brightness, the volume of the audio, cut the video, divide it into parts, join and rotate the videos. All these tools are located under the tab “Toolbox“.

In addition to this, the application allows you to convert our videos into many different video formats (H264, HEVC, VP8, MPEG 4, and many highs) while maintaining excellent quality.

Is it worth buying VideoProc?

The answer is it depends on your needs. If you need one or more features of the suite, then purchasing could be a good deal for you. Thanks to hardware acceleration, the performance is excellent, and the program, even if not translated into our language, is simple to use.

If you want to try VideoProc before purchasing you can find it at This Page. But the free version is limited to 5 minutes of processing per video.

If you want to buy it, you can go to this one instead page where there are often offers. In general, you can buy an annual (cheaper) license or opt for a lifetime license.

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