Here’s a rundown of the new features in Apple Maps for iOS 16 that make it easier to create plans with many stops.

The newest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 16, adds a tonne of useful features to your iPhone. Sometime soon, it will be available on the stable channel. Among the many improvements brought by the update are enhancements to Apple Maps. Apple has added the long-awaited ability to plan routes with many stops to its Maps app. Users will be able to set up a route with many intermediate stops. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use the multi-stop routing feature in Apple Maps for iOS.

Apple Maps’ multi-stop routing features allow for up to 15 planned stops; if more are required, they can be added en route. If your journey requires public transportation, the revised Apple Maps will display the associated fares and provide you the opportunity to add or refill transit cards in your Wallet without ever leaving the app. Furthermore, you may ask Siri to include delays into your plan while you’re on the road.

With iOS 16, users can make use of multi-stop routing. If you have a Mac running macOS 13, you can use Map to build out a route that will be automatically synced with your iPhone. Adding numerous stops to a route in Apple Maps is a new feature, so you might not know how to do it.

How to Create Multiple Stops in Apple Maps in iOS 16

The new multi-stop routing function in Apple Maps was introduced in the iOS 16 release, therefore your iPhone must be running on iOS 16 to use it. Users of iPads with iPadOS 16 can rejoice as well, for this feature is now available to them as well. If your iPhone or iPad is running the most recent version of iOS, you can add multiple stops to your route by following the instructions below.

Launch Apple’s maps app on your iOS device.
Select the Search Maps field by tapping on it.

How to use multi stop routing in


Look for your destination.
Choose the Map Locations.
If you’re using a mobile device, the app will detect your starting location using GPS. If you’re using a computer, such as a MacBook, you’ll need to enter your starting location manually.
In this next step, you will need to click Add Stop.

How to use multi stop routing in 1

Choose the location you’d like to include in the plan.
All done.

You can delete a stop by swiping left and selecting the Delete button.

You may find information about public transport, tolls, and more on the directions page of the Apple Maps app, in addition to the usual information about the fair itself.

Once you started the journey, you may add extra stops using Siri (while driving) or manually as well, here are the instructions.

Follow the bottom arrow by tapping the corresponding key.
In this next step, you will need to click Add Stop.

How to use multi stop routing in 2

Perform a search for the location you’d like to include as a new stop on your journey.
To finish, select the Stop button.
So that’s it.

Just say “Hey Siri, add “place name” as a stop” to have Siri add a new stop to your route. To make many stops, just keep doing this. When you add a new stop to your route, the estimated time of arrival will update immediately.

If you and your traveling companions are all in separate cars, you can all follow the same route by using the navigation app’s share feature.

Does Apple Maps allow for a user-created route?

In iOS 16, Apple Maps now supports several stops along the route. If you’re using an iPhone and have an iOS 16, you can create a route that includes many stops. If you’re using an older version of iOS and need this feature, you can use Google Maps as a workaround.

Does Mac allow for multi-stop route planning?

If you’re using a Mac with macOS 13 or later, you can launch Apple Maps and create a multi-stop route that will be synced to your iPhone.

Can I use Siri in Apple Maps to add a bunch of different stops?

Siri now supports adding numerous locations at once in the latest version of Apple Maps. If you’re driving and want to add a stop, you can ask Siri to do it.

How can I insert several locations into iPhone Maps?

iOS 16 makes it simple to add several stops; to make a new route in Apple Maps, just follow the instructions given above.

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