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How to use cheats in GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition for Android and iOS

The updated GTA trilogy for mobile devices simplifies the use of cheats. Unlike the original games, which required a physical keyboard or virtual keyboard installation to enter codes, Rockstar now conveniently incorporates them into the options menu.

Cheats are an integral part of the Grand Theft Auto saga, infusing the gameplay with additional fun and possibilities. They enable features such as rapid acquisition of infinite ammunition, health boost, or acquiring a tank, fighter jet, or legendary jetpack.

With the remastered GTA trilogy now available on Android and iOS, these cheat codes remain accessible. However, Rockstar has simplified their implementation. Unlike in the original versions of GTA III, GTA:

San Andreas, and GTA: Vice City—where you needed a physical or third-party virtual keyboard—cheat entry is now incorporated directly into the game’s settings.

Refer to the steps outlined below for a detailed guide on using these cheats.

How to use GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition cheats on mobile

The Definitive Edition cheats on mobile

Accessing cheat codes in GTA on mobile has become remarkably simple. Now, you can easily enable cheats by navigating to the options menu within the game. Once there, a virtual keyboard will appear, allowing you to input cheat codes directly without the need for any additional installations.

This streamlined process enhances the gaming experience by providing a convenient and integrated way to apply cheats while playing, all without the hassle of downloading extra software. Enjoy the added fun and flexibility that cheats bring to your GTA mobile gaming adventures with this user-friendly approach.


Enter the options menu

Enter the options menu

While playing, you can open the menu by clicking on the map icon situated on the top left of your screen, or by hitting the pause button if you’re using a physical controller. Once the menu is open, navigate to the Options section.

Go to accessibility

In the Options menu, select the Accessibility tab. You can do this by either tapping directly or using the controller. Find the option to ‘Enter Cheat Code’ towards the bottom, located just above the ‘Reset Option’.

Enter the code

Enter the code

By clicking on the ‘Enter Cheat Code’ option, a text box will emerge. Tap on it to bring up a small keyboard, enabling you to enter your desired cheat code (you can find links to all cheat codes in the following section).

After inputting your cheat code, click ‘OK’ to close the menu and return to the game where your cheat will be active. In this example, the cheat code triggers the appearance of the Hydra fighter plane.

All GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas cheats

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