How To Use 2 or More Webcams on Skype

Skype is a platform used by millions of users, useful for all types of circumstances: from video conferencing to calls with friends and relatives. Its use is extremely simple, as it is enough to download the program, to enable microphone and webcam and start one conversation.

However, it may happen that you have to use multiple webcams, for business needs, or for greater convenience. Basic Skype does not allow the use of multiple webcams, but thanks to the strategies we will show you you will be able to use multiple shots during a video call. So is it possible to use 2 or more webcams on Skype? Yup, and you can do it in two ways: by using software, or multiple Microsoft accounts.

Use 2 or more webcams on Skype

The strategies to use 2 or more webcams on Skype are two, and you will have to choose your favorite based on your needs.

Use different accounts for each webcam

The first solution to this problem is to use more personal accounts in the same video call. To do this you will need to register several times within the platform Microsoft and then connect each account to a different device.

Once this is done you will have to add each account to your contacts and invite them into your video call. This way, you can use I devices like webcam during conversations with other people. However, as it is easy to guess, this operation could result in uncomfortable is boring, as you will have to create multiple accounts and use multiple devices.

Remember that your connection also affects the video call, since more devices connected to Skype at the same time, more networks will be used. So make sure you have a good connection at home.

Use software

Use good software Being able to enable the use of multiple webcams on Skype will take you much less time than the solution shown above.

CyberLink YouCam 9

CyberLink YouCam 9 is an excellent software capable of showing multiple webcams during a video call on Skype, as well as offering numerous functions to the user. For your purpose, you can safely take advantage of the free version.

  • download CyberLink YouCam 9 from the official site, ed install
  • start the program
  • Click on presentations (top left)
  • Continue on Double Video
  • Select the layout of the webcams you intend to use
  • Open Skype
  • Go to the Settings, then on Audio and Video
  • Select CyberLinkYouCam 9


ManyCam is an excellent alternative to CyberLink YouCam 9, as it is free and available for both Windows, both for macOS. The free version of the software features restrictions, because, for example, restricts the use of additional webcam inputs.

However, if you need to connect several webcams, you can buy the complete version, which makes different provisions additional functions, including more webcam inputs and various visual effects.

Step 1:

  • Install ManyCam from the official site (depending on your Operating System)

Step 2:

  • start the program

Step 3:

  • Go on Video sources and click on the icon + for to add the webcams

Step 4:

  • Head to the section Presets, and add a new layer, then a webcam

From now on the webcams you have selected will be added. However, using the free version, you won’t be able to change the layout and you’ll have to stick to some settings default.

Step 5:

  • Open Skype

Step 6:

  • Go to the Settings, then on Audio and Video

Step 7:

  • Select ManyCam Virtual Webcam

If you are looking for a webcam from connecting to your computer, I take this opportunity to advise you to read our article where we list them best webcams to buy.

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