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Updated guide to acquire the Pass Royale in Clash Royale

Pass Royale in Clash Royale

Do you want to take advantage of the prizes that Clash Royale gives out in its battle pass? Well, despite the fact that the rewards in the free battle pass were reduced, the number of prizes that can be obtained when the famous Pass Royale is acquired has been greatly improved


If you have never bought the Clash Royale Pass Royale, we want to tell you that you are in the right place. Here we will explain step by step how to acquire it from your mobile or PC, methods that at the moment are the only ones that exist to be able to buy the respective monthly battle pass.

Buy the Clash Royale Pass Royale from your mobile

Before we show you the tutorial that will teach you how to buy the Pass Royale from your phone, it is important to mention that you must have added a credit or debit card to your Play Store account.

Buy the Clash Royale Pass Royale from your mobile

  • First, you will have to open the Clash Royale game from your phone.
  • Once you are inside it, you must click on the yellow section that says “Pass Royale”.
  • Within the Clash Royale battle pass, you will have to press the green button that says “Obtain”.
  • Select the pass you want to purchase (Gold or Diamond).
  • And finally, click on “Buy” so that it is activated in your Clash Royale account.

Remember that once you have purchased the battle pass, you can remove your credit card from your Google Play account. Of course, we do not recommend doing so if you plan to buy the Pass Royale on a monthly basis, as there are times when the Google store presents errors when adding the credit card that has been removed.

Buy the Clash Royale Pass Royale from the PC

On the other hand, if you want to get a discount when you buy the Pass Royale, you can buy it from the Supercell store. This procedure must be carried out from a computer.

  • Enter the official Supercell store. Once you are inside it, you must click on “Login”.
  • A new window will open, there you will have to put the email address of your Supercell account, and then click on “Login”.
  • Supercell will send you a code to the email address that you have linked to your Clash Royale account. Check your email account, copy the code and paste it into the section in question. Once you have entered the confirmation code, click on “Send”.
  • Finally, go to the tab that says “Clash Royale” and select the pass you want to purchase.

Without further ado in this regard, we take advantage of the space to recommend some tricks for Clash Royale that are still working. They will allow you to complete the Pass Royale much faster (you will win more games).

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