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Updated Google Assistant And Siri. Who is Best

This year Google introduced an updated version of Google Assistant, which can be called Google Assistant 2.0. The developers of the company managed not only to make the voice assistant smarter but also to accelerate it. To do this, through Google Assistant, I had to run a huge data array, part of which was saved and stung up to 500 MB.

As a result, the assistant learned to answer almost without delay and also began to respond to questions, without requiring the user to pronounce an activating trigger phrase. But how useful is it in real conditions of use? We’ll see.

YouTube host In-Depth Tech Review decided to test the updated version of Google Assistant and compare it with Siri. The blogger walked on the speed of work, on the accuracy of answers to questions and on the breadth of opportunities that competing assistants have.

And so that doubts about the objectivity of the experiment did not arise, it was decided to record it on video and let the audience conclude themselves about the superiority of one voice assistant over another. Moreover, it will not be difficult to do this.

How the speed of the Google Assistant has changed

Personally, I was surprised that the ability of Google Assistant to continue listening to the user, even after the answer to the asked question has already been given, does not particularly speed up the dialogue.

Most likely, this feature will come in handy in a smart column, the activation of which is usually done only by voice. In any case, clicking on the Siri activation button before making a request was completely uncomplicated and not for long. Because of this, the actual time required to process one request, Google Assistant and Siri turned out to be approximately the same.

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A much more noticeable difference in the accuracy of the answers given by voice assistants. Then the Google Assistant was ahead of Siri. Google’s voice assistant was able to correctly understand more teams than its competitor, gave more correct answers, and also allowed to access more applications,

interacting with them exclusively using voice. Siri, in turn, forced the user to confirm actions more often by touching the screen, indicating that while she was not quite ready for an autonomous existence.

What the new Google Assistant can do

For example, Google Assistant was able to activate the front camera and start a 5-second countdown before taking a selfie, but Siri was only able to launch the camera application. Also, multitasking mode can be very useful.

It allows you to call an assistant from any state, simply by making a request, while Siri is required to call by pressing the side button. This greatly simplifies the process of interacting with the voice assistant, making it more convenient.

Even though Google Assistant was previously recognized as the most effective voice assistant on the market, in the latest update it became even better.

Thanks to the efforts of Google developers, the assistant learned to work much faster than before, as well as perform some tasks offline.

Of course, in most cases, these are tasks that are based on the work of system applications, but this is better than nothing at all. Siri, on the other hand, remains a rather limited assistant, who has to undergo a lot of improvements before she can compete with the Google Assistant.

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