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How To Unlock Motorola Bootloader

Unlock Motorola Bootloader

Unlocking Motorola Device Bootloader.

Hello everyone, today we are going to show you how to unlock Motorola bootloader devices, remembering that this process is a risky process and can cause serious software damage to your device.

Guys, we seriously recommend you read the entire article and then start following the tutorial if you want.

Let’s go to the warnings first, Motorola officially allows the unlocking of its devices, but it makes clear a series of warnings related to this procedure and one of the most important is the loss of the device’s warranty, to see the complete list of Motorola warnings go to the official page: Motorola global. This page is the Portuguese version, but we are going to do the procedure in the English version because only in the English version is it possible to unlock all models, while in the Portuguese version it is possible to only some models.

To see the list of devices that Motorola allows unlocking the bootloader in the Portuguese version, go to Supported Devices.

That’s why we recommend using the Portuguese version only to read the information, recommendations, and alerts that Motorola makes for people who want to unlock the bootloader.

In addition to the loss of warranty, after unlocking you will no longer receive updates via OTA and if you do, do not update because if you update it will be soft bricked.

Now you must be wondering what is soft-bricked.

Answering, in a nutshell, is when your cell phone enters the famous infinite loop or when it gets stuck at system startup and you can only access Fastboot mode.

Another important warning is that this procedure formats your phone so make a backup of all your files and preferably remove all Google accounts registered on the device, this step of removing the account is not mandatory, but if you don’t remove it depending on the version from your android it will only allow you to access your phone with the same email account if you don’t remember the password, it will be a problem.

Guys, before doing the procedure, we recommend you read Motorola’s official page which contains the main questions about unlocking: Frequently Asked Questions about Bootloader.

We reaffirm that this procedure has serious risks and we recommend that you read all the pages mentioned above if you wish to continue with the procedure you accept that all the risks involved are entirely your responsibilitywe at KF Host are not responsible for any damages caused.

Responsibility is yours. So do the procedure at your own risk.

Now let the procedure begin.

The first step is to activate the developer option, if you already have this option enabled, you can proceed to the next step, but for those who do not have this option enabled, let’s enable it.

To do this, go to the “Configure” option and scroll to the last option which is “About phone” we enter this option and scroll until we reach the “Version number” option and press 7 times on this option until the message “You now is a Developer” see images below:

Now you go back to the main settings screen, a new menu called “developer option ” will be available. Open to enable or disable developer tools.

Now you have the Developer option enabled.

Second Step: in the Developer menu we will mark two options for more current cell phones and an option for older phones and calm down we will explain.

For the latest cell phones we will check the option “OEM Unlock” and the option “USB Debugging”, on older devices you will only find the option “USB Debugging” so if you enter the Developer menu and only find this option “Debugging” USB” ok, just tag it.

Ready, now the cell phone is configured and ready to receive the bootloader unlock commands through your cmd.

Third Step: Download the files needed for unlocking, the files are:

Now let’s go, if you have the Motorola drivers already installed, you don’t need to install them again, if you don’t, installation is necessary.

After installing the drivers we will download the ADB and Fastboot software.

After unzipping you will come across the following files:

Fastboot software

Now that we have the drivers installed and ADB and Fastboot ready to use, let’s start the Motorola phone in fastboot mode.

Remember that now we are going to start the bootloader unlocking process and this procedure formats your device so backup all your phone data and we recommend removing the Google account.

Reboot the cell phone in fastboot mode, we have to turn off the device and turn it on by pressing the “volume down” button and then keeping the volume down button pressed, press the “Power” button (On/Off) and hold for about 5 seconds and release the power button and then release the volume minus button this screen will appear:

As we can see in the image, the device on the left is the appearance of the fastboot of the most current devices and the one on the right is the appearance of the older devices.

Now with the cell phone in fastboot mode, let’s connect the cable to the cell phone, remembering that at this time the other end of the cable must already be connected to the computer.

The battery must be at least 50%, if the battery is ok, the green name “ Battery OK ” will appear.

Battery OK

If your battery is very low, “ Battery Low ” will appear on some phones for safety not to let the procedure run, but others run even with a low battery, but in this case, you have to charge the battery before continuing.

When we connect the cable to the cell phone, the following message will appear on the cell phone in front of the message “ Battery OK ” will appear “ Charging ” this indicates that the cell phone is charging the battery and in the last line it will say “Connect USB Data Cable” and go switch to “Transfer Mode: USB Connected”.

Now with the cell phone connected to the computer, we go to the folder where the adb is unzipped.

In this folder we need to open the command prompt, there are several ways to do this and some of these ways can change according to the version of your Windows so let’s talk about the way that works the same way for all versions that is to type in the folder address the command “cmd” and press the enter key.

Now with the command prompt open let’s type the following command “fastboot devices” without the quotes and press the enter key, this command checks if the cell phone is connected.

Now with the command prompt open let’s type the following command “fastboot devices” without the quotes and press the enter key, this command checks if the cell phone is connected.

We will return something like:

And then we have to type the second command which is: “fastboot oem get_unlock_data” without the quotes and press the enter key, this command is to get the device to unlock code. We will return something like:

Now we have to copy this code, the way to copy the text in the Windows terminal changes a little between versions, in the case of Windows 10 just select it as normal text, that is, place the mouse tip at the beginning of the code and click on the left button and drag the mouse to the end of the code now release the left button and with the code selected click with the right mouse button and only with the click the code is copied.

In Windows 7, we need to click the right mouse button and in the menu that will open we click on the “Mark” option.

After clicking on the mark we select the code in the same way that we selected with Windows 10 place the mouse tip at the beginning of the code and click on the left mouse button and drag the mouse to the end of the code now release the left button and with the code selected press the Enter key and ready code copied.

Now you might be wondering what to do with this code. Come on, this code will be used on Motorola’s official website where we will need it so that Motorola knows which device you want to unlock, through this code Motorola will release another code specific to your device, and this code will be sent to your e-mail address. -mail. Don’t worry, we’ll explain.

The page is this:

So you need to register on the site, if you don’t have a registration yet, let’s talk about registration a little later now click here to access the page in the English version, to do the procedure it has to be in the English version, but we recommend opening the English version in Portuguese for you to read all Motorola’s recommendations and observations Portuguese version here, this tutorial uses the English version, we recommend you read all the information on the page before continuing, so we put the link to the Portuguese version for you to make the reading, but the procedure must be done in the English version, after having read all the information on the page if you want to continue, at the end of the page in English we will find the “NEXT” button.

Click on the button and we will be redirected to the login page now here is where you have to register or log in with your account if you have one.

To register is very simple and there are two ways one is to register on the site by clicking on “Register with a Motorola ID” or the other option is the option recommended by the site which is “Enter with Google”.

On this page, just fill in the requested fields and click on the “Create” button, a confirmation email will be sent to your email, just confirm the email and log in.

If you choose the option “Sign in with Google”, you will be redirected to the Google login page, just log in with your Google access data.

When you log in you will be redirected to this page:

If you are not redirected to this page in the image above, just go back to the page where you have the “NEXT” button, clicking here.

Now arriving at the page we have to put the code that we copied from ends in the field:

As we can see in the image above there is white space between # and 81, # and 55, check the code and remove all the white spaces that come in the code, a practical way that the Motorola website itself recommends is to put this code in a text editor that is able to count how many characters are written in the editor such as noteped++ or word, as this code is composed of 131 characters so if you paste it in the editor and it has more than 131 characters it is because there is some white space in the code.

Now that we have the code in the field and without the blank spaces we can click on the “Can my device be unlocked?” which translates as “Can my device be unlocked?”, after the click as the website itself informs us: “If the Device ID you entered is valid, you will see a Request Unlock Key button.”.

If it is not valid, your browser should display a message “Your device does not qualify for bootloader unlocking.” This translates to something like “Your device is not eligible for bootloader unlock.”.

If the message does not appear, the button will appear at the bottom of the site so after clicking on the “Can my device be unlocked?” button, scroll down to the bottom of the site and see this button:

Check the option “Agree” translated “Agree” and click on the button “Request Unlock Key” translated “Request Unlock Key”.

After clicking on the “Request Unlock Key” button, we will be redirected to the final page where we are informed that the key has been sent to our email, in this case, the email you registered with if you have entered with your Google account the key will be sent to your Gmail.

Now just open your email and get the key that Motorola sent, if the email doesn’t arrive, wait a few minutes and check your spam box and trash.

See the key we received:

Now let’s copy this key and put it together with the following command “fastboot oem unlock” looking like this: “fastboot oem unlock QCX6PJ3Y5J3YCJVV24UG”, remembering that it has to be the key you received in your email, now we copy this command and paste it in the command prompt.

After pasting the command press the Enter key after pressing the enter key depending on your model the unlock is an immediate example: for some models, it will appear:

“Phone is unlocked successfully” translated to “Phone has been unlocked successfully”, See picture.

If it appeared to you as in the image above, that your phone already has the bootloader unlocked. You just need to run the last command which is: “fastboot reboot”, copy and paste this command into the command prompt, and press the enter key, this command will reboot your device.

For others it will appear like this:

Warning: this command erases all user data” translated “warning: this command erases all user data”

“Please re-run this command to continue” translated “Please re-run this command to continue”

See image:

As the software itself informs, just run the command again, pasting the command and pressing the enter key on the keyboard.

After pressing the enter key will appear:

“Bootloader is unlocked! Rebooting phone” Which means “The bootloader is unlocked! Restarting the phone”

Ready your phone has the bootloader unlocked, if you notice your phone screen now you should have this information:

“Device is UNLOCKED. Status Code: 3” translated “Device is unlocked. Status Code: 3”

Now guys just run the last command which is “fastboot reboot”, copy and paste this command into the command prompt, and press the enter key, this command will restart your device. When the device restarts, you can disconnect the USB capo and you will also see an alert screen at the startup of your phone this screen informs you that your phone has the bootloader unlocked, this message will appear whenever you turn on your device.

This message can change from model to model, see some examples:

Ready folks, just wait for the cell phone to restart and make its settings since with this procedure the phone is formatted.

If you’ve come this far and it’s your first read, now you know how to unlock it, but if it’s your second time reading it then congratulations you managed to unlock your bootloader, and thank you very much for reading my article to the end, I hope I helped, if you have any questions, leave us a comment and we will respond as soon as possible, if you liked it, share it and leave a comment telling us what you thought of the article.


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