Unlock Bootloader On Samsung Galaxy Phones

We know how to unlock bootloaders on Samsung Galaxy phones, and it can be a little confusing for some people. If you want to get more out of your Samsung Galaxy phone, you can unlock its bootloader. This is a process that can be done with some help, but it’s not difficult. In this guide, we will show you how to unlock the bootloader on your Samsung Galaxy phone. This will allow you to use custom software on your phone, which you can use to customize its settings.

To take care of your phone, you’ll need to unlock its bootloader. This can be risky, but it’s worth it to keep your phone working properly.


Before we start, we need to make sure you have backed up all your important data, including photos, videos, and documents. So you’ll want to make sure your phone is fully charged so that it can unlock easily.

What is a bootloader?

A bootloader is a piece of software that is stored on your device’s read-only memory, and it runs when the device is turned on or restarted. The bootloader is responsible for checking to make sure the hardware is working properly, setting up the hardware, and loading the operating system into the device’s memory. The bootloader checks to make sure the firmware is authentic and has not been tampered with.

What is bootloader unlocking?

Bootloader unlocking is the process of removing the restrictions put in place by the device manufacturer and allowing you to load custom firmware, recovery images, and other modifications that are not officially supported.

By unlocking the bootloader on your device, you can access its firmware and make changes to its code and settings. This allows you to install custom ROMs and perform advanced tweaks Flashing Magisk Modules, Xposed FrameworkSubstratum Themes, and Viper4Android, which are not possible on a stock device.

There are some good and bad things about bootloader unlocking. The good things are that it can sometimes help you fix problems on your phone, and it can also help you keep your phone’s warranty intact. The bad things are that unlocking your phone’s bootloader can make it more vulnerable to security risks, and it can also mean that you might lose data or your phone might become unusable.

Unlock Bootloader On Samsung Galaxy Phones

Benefits of Unlocking the Bootloader

Unlocking the bootloader provides several benefits, including:

  • Installing custom ROMs and kernels
  • Installing root access and custom recovery
  • Tweaking and customizing the device
  • Running apps that require root access
  • Removing bloatware and other pre-installed apps
  • Improving device performance and battery life

Risks of Unlocking Bootloader

Unlocking the bootloader comes with several risks, including:

  • Voiding the device’s warranty
  • Bricking the device
  • Security risks
  • Decreased stability and performance
  • Unable to receive OTA updates
  • Risks of malware and viruses


Steps to Unlock Bootloader On Samsung Galaxy Phones?

Method #1

Step 1: To start using your device, you’ll need to make sure that it has enough power and is connected to the internet.

Step 2: Now, go to Settings > Software Update (System Updates) and tap the Download and install or Check for system updates button.

Step 3: Then you need to turn on your Samsung phone’s developer option.

  • If you follow the steps below, you can turn on developer options.
  • Go to the Settings menu on your Samsung phone.
  • Then, on any of your Samsung devices, select the About phone option.
  • Now Go to Software information and tap Build number seven times.
  • Then Go back to the main page for settings.
  • Then, find the Developer option in your Samsung device’s settings.
  • Now, open the option for developers.
  • Then, turn on the OEM Unlocking toggle button. If asked, let it happen.
  • So, that’s it.

Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking

Step 4: Now, turn off your Samsung device completely. Press and hold the Volume Up and Down buttons on your Samsung device at the same time, and use a USB cable to connect it to your PC (Laptop).

This will turn on Download/Recovery Mode on your Samsung device.

Step 5: To access the “Unlock Bootloader” screen, press and hold the Volume Up key while in the Download or Recovery menu.

Step 6: Now, on the following screen, press the Volume Up button once more to unlock the bootloader [If you are prompted that unlocking the bootloader will delete all of the data that is currently stored on your device, continue].

Step 7: Then wait for some time till the process is completed, then your device will reboot. That’s IT.

Method #2

Unlock Bootloader On Samsung Galaxy Phones (ADB & FastBoot)

This ADB and Fastboot method requires the use of a computer to unlock the bootloader. However, the procedure is a little bit complex. You will need to pay close attention to each step.

Step 1: To begin, you will need to make sure that the Developer Option and OEM Unlock are both turned on in your Samsung device. It was discussed previously in Method 1, so it is not new.

Step 2: After that, you will need to go into the Developer Options and activate the USB Debugging feature before you can connect your device to the computer.

Step 3: You will need to download the ADB and Fastboot Tool and then install it on your Windows desktop or laptop computer. This Is the Installation Guide.

Step 3: After that, use the original USB cable that came with your Samsung smartphone to connect it to your computer.

Step 4: After the phone has been connected to the computer, you should power off the device and then boot into the Fastboot mode. Don’t understand how to complete the task?

Hold down the Volume Down button while simultaneously pressing the Power button, and don’t let go of either button until the Fastboot mode screen appears.

Step 5: Now open the command prompt in Windows by navigating to the folder in which the ADB folder was installed; alternatively, you can also use the search option to locate the ADB folder. If neither of these options is available, simply open the folder in which the ADB folder was installed.

Open Command Windows Two Easy Ways

  • To do that, hold down the Shift key and right-click anywhere empty on the screen. Then, choose the open Command Window.
  • In the Search Box, type “cmd” and hit Enter to open CMD.

Step 4: Then type the following commands below.

adb devices
  • You will get a pop-up message on your phone to allow USB debugging. Just tap where it says OK.
  • Type the command and hit the Enter key.
adb reboot bootloader
  • Now, your phone reboots into bootloader mode, and you check to see if it shows a locked bootloader or not. If so, type the command below and hit the enter key:
fastboot devices

Identifying your Device in ADB or Fastboot Mode

If you press Enter, you’ll see a random string of letters. That means you’re all set to move forward. type the next order:

fastboot oem unlock
  • Press Enter, and you will see some random string That means you’re ready to proceed. type next command:
fastboot reboot
  • At last, your phone will start up again and load the system.
  • The bootloader has now been successfully unlocked.

Final Words About Unlocking Bootloader On Samsung Phones

Congratulations! You have successfully unlocked the bootloader on your Samsung smartphone. Now you can root your smartphone and also install a custom ROMTWRP Recovery, or root on your Samsung phone.

If you don’t understand something or have a question about this guide, let us know in the comments, and I’ll try to help you as soon as I can.


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