[Unbrick] LG G4 Hs-Usb Qdloader 9008

How To Flash Lg G4 Hs-Usb Qdloader 9008 Mode

(No Recovery, No Download Mode, Boot Loop, No Power)

 [Unbrick] LG G4 Hs-Usb Qdloader 9008

Supported Lg G4 Models:

H815, H818, H818N, H818P, H819, LS995, LS991



Connect your phone to your computer (make sure the computer has full drivers)

Now on the QPSTtool select  “Select Port” and select the COM port as shown below. Then OK

unbrick lg g4 2 - [Unbrick] LG G4 Hs-Usb Qdloader 9008

Next, select “ Browse ” and select 2 * .mbn and * .xml files in rom folder respectively 

(Eg ” prog_emmc_firehose_8992_lite_stable.mbn ” and ” rawprogram0.xmlpatch0.xml “)

unbrick lg g4 3 - [Unbrick] LG G4 Hs-Usb Qdloader 9008


Click download butt to start flash process:


unbrick lg g4 4 - [Unbrick] LG G4 Hs-Usb Qdloader 9008

Wait until the tool says  Download Succeed and  Finish Download  is completed flash process. This time it was possible to DOWNLOAD MODE ,Now Download And kdz (stock Rom) then Flash it.

unbrick lg g4 5 - [Unbrick] LG G4 Hs-Usb Qdloader 9008

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