Torrent without programs: how to download files via browser

There are excellent ways to download torrent files without installing special programs. To download a torrent file, you normally need a special client compatible with the BitTorrent protocol and the ways to do this on a computer are many and also available on smartphones (see a torrent client for Android).

We were asked if they weren’t comfortable web torrent clients to be used directly through a browser (i.e. through the program used to navigate, to give some examples: Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

In this guide, we will see which web services allow torrents to be downloaded without installing programs special (clients) on your PC. Continue reading to discover them with us.

Download torrents from the browser and without using programs


Download Torrent with βTorrent

It is a decidedly complete web client and the site behaves like one web app. The service is not a cloud but continues to download until its tab is closed on the browser. Use βTorrent to download torrents without programs is simple.

Anyone who has had to deal with a torrent client will immediately find themselves at ease considering that the service is fast and complete enough: it allows you to choose the priority for each file and to pause and restart the download.

BitTorrent is based on the WebTorrent protocol which we will talk more about in the paragraph dedicated to

The operation is really simple if you want to download a file you have to:

  • find the file of our interest in a torrent search engine;
  • copy the magnet link – usually, in the pages of the torrent search engines it is indicated with a magnet;
  • go on βTorrent page and paste the link in the space provided at the top left and press the “Download“;
  • once the download is complete you can download the file.

Download Torrent with

It is a completely client open source, based on Webtorrent’s also open source technology.

Web torrent is a project created to allow the streaming of video streams via torrent and it is the technology that underlies discussed projects such as Popcorn Time. is a really basic client; it only allows you to insert individual files and download them, nothing more. is currently available in public beta and works on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Using the site to download your torrents is simple:

  • open the site;
  • find the file of our interest in a torrent search engine;
  • copy the magnet link, usually found indicated with a magnet;
  • return to the website, paste the link in the space provided and press the “Download” button;
  • also in this case, once the download is complete, the file can be downloaded.

μTorrent Web and BitTorrent Web

uTorrent Web

They are two of the best-known clients. If you install them you will notice that they are almost identical and both software is produced by the same foundation and share most of the code. They were placed in the third position because they require the installation of a small program.

Both are the most complete solutions to download torrent files without programs and you can do everything you usually do on classic torrent clients.

Also, if a media file has many sources, they allow you to stream it directly. The use is very simple: to have μTorrent Web is BitTorrent Web you need to go to the respective official websites and download the executables.

After a quick installation, you will have a complete client with modern graphics. We also have an article dedicated to the uTorrent Web.

Good browser

Download torrent with Brave browser

Brave is a browser really interesting and complete. Besides its main function, it allows you to do much more. One of its most interesting features is the torrent client integrated into the download manager.

It is a very basic client but if you download often using the BitTorrent protocol, it can be an excellent solution. If you want to try the Brave browser, you can download the updated executable suitable for your platform (Windows, Mac, or Linux) directly from his official site.

Torrent without programs with cloud services

There are also valid torrents completely cloud-based but these are tools that use a lot of traffic and to have economic sustainability the ads are not enough and they ask for a payment to users.

These tools are very comfortable and powerful: once you insert a torrent they download it for you and make it available on other devices as well.

For example, many support direct streaming to Chromecast, Kodi, and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad). as a cloud service

Excellent solutions for downloading torrents on the cloud are:

  • Offcloud – it is a very rich platform that allows not only to download from Torrent but also from a group of file-sharing services.
  • Bitport – is another very popular solution for downloading all types of files, even if it is focused more on torrents than anything else.
  • – it is a very complete cloud service that in addition to downloading from torrents allows streaming on various devices.
  • – is another service that, in addition to supporting torrents, also allows you to download from Usenet and many file-sharing services.
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