Tip to get rid of Win32/Olmarik.TDL3 Trojan Virus on Pc

Below are the Steps / Details for you to Remove Win32/Olmarik.TDL3 Trojan Virus at your pc.
(Note / Warning : Foran experience user only, i’m expecting you know about Windows registry, Windows system files or a like. In other words, you are professional or qualified technician to used this software. Mishandle or wrong used of this software, may put your computer / files at risk. Ask help for any professional or technician who dealt with this concern. I am not responsible for any loss or damage in the process.)

1. Download tdsskiller.zip from HERE

2. Close all programs including your web browser.

3. Extract/Unzip tdsskiller.zip

4. Run TDSSKiller.exe



5. Before you start the scan, you can change first the settings, by clicking Change parameters. Select or check the box for object to scan such as services, drivers, boot sectors, then for additional options such as verifying of driver digital signature and detect TDLFS file system. Click OK after you choose the settings.

6. Wait until it finish the scan/detect and remove any rootkit virus. If there is a threat or virus detected, it will give an option depends upon the condition of the virus or the seriousness of the virus threat. Then options like Skip(if you are familiar with the file that isn’t a threat), Copy to quarantine(move the file that involved within the threat), Delete(remove entirely the file or the rootkit virus), and the last is the Cure(which in this case, as I mention, it depends, if the file is a part of the Windows system and its infected with rootkit, it will try to cure it or clean it).

7. After the action taken, that it may request that restart your computer. (or sometimes not depends on the action taken). Look for the TDSSKiller. (as for an example) on your local drive (C:) to see the results.