TheCommuter a useful application for travelers [Symbian S60v5 (S^1)]


TheCommuter - TheCommuter a useful application for travelers [Symbian S60v5 (S^1)]

The developer Italian Giovanni Romano informs us his latest creation: TheCommuter , an interesting application dedicated to all those who travel often for work, study or just for pleasure! E ‘useful to know at all times where you are with just a click or to monitor a destination to be reached by trains, public transport, etc. …

Through the combined use of your service provider’s network and GPS antenna, the software uses a database of GSM radio (completely offline) to retrieve all the information from the transit area or one in which you are located, emitting an alarm or sending a text message alert to a predefined number when you enter the area set as the destination.

The strength of the software is its comprehensive nature offline: with a complete archive inside the software (over 648 thousand radio detected in 96 thousand city) and the use of SIM / GPS, it continues to function without the ‘ use of any internet connection and even in cases of lack of shielding or the GSM network!

Fully customizable (eg on / off GPS support, setting the distance in kilometers to the alarm, etc. ..) and fully upgradeable (check online for updated archive) has been designed for low power consumption and to gather automatically, while monitoring, information on the missing cells in order to contribute to the expansion of the archive.

Available for all Symbian S60 5th edition and Symbian ^ 3 (not yet available for Nokia N8), it works perfectly well with external GPS receivers connected via bluetooth.

If interested you can buy it at the cost of 1 Euro from this page of Ovi Store.


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