The Nokia Camera Pro app will also be released for the Lumia 920 and 925, zoom while shooting video!

Nokia Pro Camera app
Nokia Pro Camera app

Nokia Camera Pro is an innovative application that improves the user experience in the use of the camera and allows easier access to shooting options most commonly used via the handy touch controls superimposed in the viewfinder. With great simplicity it will be possible to set the shutter speed (from 1/16000 to 4 seconds), the EV, ISO (100 to 4,000), white balance and manual focus.
Also in the video mode the Nokia Camera Pro app will, at last, to make the zoom while recording, so going to fill another of the different gaps in Windows Phone. This feature, in fact, has never been implemented by Microsoft and to see her, apparently, it took Nokia! In addition to the application allow you to make cuts to video clips captured to enable easier sharing over the network.
Below we propose two videos made by the team of site. The first shows the features of Nokia Pro Camera in Photo mode while in the second it is possible to see in action the zoom while shooting video and editing interface.

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