The Fitbit Watch’s Wallet App: How To Remove It

Fitbit Watch's Wallet App: How To Remove It

As we discussed in our guide, there are some plausible methods for removing the Wallet app from your Fitbit Watch. Fitness smartwatches have been dominated by Fitbit for years now, and they have solidified their position as the best in the world. Although its major USP remains its fitness-related functionalities, which is why many are inclined towards its products, it does meet all the basic requirements that other smartwatches have to offer.

removing the Wallet app from your Fitbit Watch

As such, it has made some questionable decisions in designing its operating system. Its most infuriating feature is that it embeds many apps into the OS without giving the users any granular control over them. It is usually done to promote the company’s own app or for profit-making purposes. While revenue generation is the main objective for any business, doing so at the cost of destroying the UI/UX and usability of their product makes no “sense”.

The Fitbit Watch's Wallet App: How To Remove It

There is one application that comes preinstalled on every Fitbit watch, however, which isn’t in sync with every customer’s needs. You would also be constantly annoyed with the “set up wallet” notifications at regular intervals, and the entire implementation of the app is quite buggy. Could you please tell me if there is a way to remove the Wallet app from your Fitbit Watch? Here’s what you need to know.

How to Delete the Wallet App From Fitbit Watch

Your Fitbit Watch cannot delete or uninstall the Wallet app since it is considered a system app. The good news is that there is a workaround that might be able to help you mitigate this problem at least. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. You can select shortcuts on your Fitbit watch by going to Settings > Shortcuts > Select Shortcut.

  2. If you want to change this from Fitbit Pay to something else, select Press and Hold.

  3. Changing it to Today, for example, would allow you to view your daily steps instantly.

It’s that simple. Due to the fact that you cannot remove the Wallet app from your Fitbit Watch, you should follow the aforementioned steps. There is no option to uninstall this app from your watch as far as the official stance is concerned. The developers are aware of the “issue,” but don’t hold your breath.

Many OEMs, including Fitbit, practice this practice nowadays, and Fitbit is no exception. Furthermore, users have requested Fitbit give them the option to ditch this app in the past four years, but it’s all fallen on deaf ears, so don’t expect any change in their behaviour in the coming years. In the event that they decide to tweak this setting out of the blue, then we will update this guide accordingly.

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