On October 25, Samsung Galaxy Fold was released in Russia, and despite the cost of 160 thousand rubles, a smartphone with a flexible screen was bought up in a matter of days. It is not known exactly how many units the device was sold.

The first batch of Samsung Galaxy Fold sold out in a matter of days

It is expected that the new delivery will be ready for the weekend, so if you wanted to buy Galaxy Fold, but did not have time, then wait a few days. According to analyst Eldar Murtazin, a total of about 7 thousand units of devices with a folding structure were brought to Russia. He also believes that by the end of the year Samsung will sell about 50,000 units of smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Fold made its debut in February, but it went on sale just now. This is a brand new gadget that has received several flaws. They forced the South Korean manufacturer to redesign the design of the device.

In total, this model is sold in 10 countries. There is a 5G version, but it is only available where this technology was launched.