The Best Tricks To Win Game in Brawlhalla

Best Tricks To Win Game in Brawlhalla

The Best Tricks To Win Game in Brawlhalla

Best Tricks To Win Game in Brawlhalla

If you are a lover of Super Smash Bros, without a doubt you must have heard of Brawlhalla. We are talking about a free Super Smash Bros that has been available on Android recently. Are you a regular player and want to improve? 

Then pay attention because today we will tell you the best tricks to win in Brawlhalla.

One very important thing to keep in mind is that, although this game is available for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, XBOX One, PS4, and PC, all players are hosted on the same server. Therefore, even if you are playing from your mobile you may run into players who are from the computer or the PS4, something that is a clear disadvantage for you.


These are the 7 best tricks to win in Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla has more than 90 legends, so testing each one and managing various characters of your liking in an optimal way will improve your in-game performance. Therefore, if you are new to the game, we recommend you not lose your patience if you do not win much and take a look at the following tricks to improve in Brawlhalla immediately.

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Perfect map control

In Brawlhalla you will find different types of maps. However, something in common that these have is that the proper positioning of your character will give you the gameWhy? For several things.

First, being in the middle of the map ensures you have a better range for everything:

  • Reach objects to your right.
  • Grab weapons to your left.
  • Hitting your enemy without exposing yourself to falling.

Second, take advantage of corners or edges when your enemy’s handicap (or% damage) is high. In this way, you can send it flying and take a life, or annoy it so that it does not reach the platform again.

Using attack types correctly

Using attack types correctly

In Brawlhalla you will find two types of attacks. For you to see it in a simple way, we are going to call them like this:

  • Light attacks : (red icon) are hits that do not do great damage but are fast.
  • Heavy Attacks : (purple icon) are hits that do great damage but are a bit slow.

So what happens here? Simple, use light attacks to damage your enemy and add damage quickly. In this way, you will be able to place your opponent’s handicap at a suitable point to finish it off with a heavy attack.


You can see your opponent’s handicap at the top right of your screen. The redder it is, the more damage that Legend has taken, and is, therefore, more likely to fly off if hit by a heavy attack.

How to hit the floor to save you?

Many Brawlhalla players use the commands:

  • Light attack + ⬇️ (down arrow).
  • Heavy Attack + ⬇️ (down arrow).

To redirect towards the ground when they receive a blow that sends them flying. In this way, they “ensure” they return to the ground before their opponent hits them again in the air.

However, this is not always a good thing, as there is something called recovery time. This means that when you use the command and your Legend hits the ground, it takes a few thousandths of seconds for it to be available to attack again. And this is when you become vulnerable, your opponent takes advantage, hits you, or even kills you.


What is the solution? Cancel the animation of the command just when you are about to hit the ground. To do this, jump again before the character is reaching the ground. This way your Legend can be better positioned and you will not suffer from the recovery time.

What are Hits Boxes or Damage Area?

What are Hits Boxes or Damage Area

This must-have happened to you, you attacked someone but you didn’t actually hit them. This goes through something called Hits Boxes or Damage Area. Yes, just like in baseball, in Brawlhall there is an area (circle) that is where the game detects that you have hit someone.

This is why we recommend activating the Hits Boxes or Damage Area to get used to the area of ​​each of the legends. To do it you just have to:

  • Click on settings.
  • Activate the Hitboxes option.
  • Activate the Hurtboxes option.

Don’t be predictable

This seems obvious, but you see a lot in players from bronze to gold. They have an attack pattern that makes them predictable. Example: they always jump and attack. This makes a simple dodge avoid this attack.

The best recommendation is to have several attack plans with your Legend, try to have 4 or 5 ways to attack. Thus, you will have a guaranteed victory. This also serves to read your opponent’s movements, analyze how he attacks and see if he is predictable, so you can avoid his blows.

Jump properly to survive

In Brawlhalla all the legends can jump 3 times by pressing the jump button (green arrow). But you can also have another extra jump if you do either of these two commands:

  • Light attack + ⬆️ (up arrow).
  • Heavy Attack + ⬆️ (up arrow).

So if you are sent flying, don’t despair as you have plenty of jumps to get to the platform. But this is not all, because if you get to touch the wall of the platform, they will give you the possibility of 2 more jumps. So, DON’T BE PREDICTABLE! And avoid the attack of the rival who is waiting for you in the corner of the platform to finish you off.


Use gold correctly

This last tip sounds stupid, but it’s still important. Save in-game money to buy Legends, not to buy skins. You have more than 90 characters to meet, perhaps some of them will suit you better and make you a better player.

These are the best tricks to win in Brawlhalla. If you have any recommendations or other tips, please let us know in the comments.

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