With a simple Internet connection, you can read your favorite comics in one click. Choose from our list the best websites to download comics and manga for free in Italian.

It is now a reality. The digital comic has already arrived and it’s only a matter of time before it prevails over the paper version.

Most comic book fans prefer to feel the touch and smell of printed paper due to the coldness of the screen of an is-reader or tablet.

However, on more than one occasion, almost all of us have had to resort to downloading websites to locate a hard-to-find comic or just take a look at a collection before buying it in physical format.

In case you are one of those who are thinking of jumping from the traditional comic strip printed to the version for your android device, iPhone, or computer, then we will make it a little easier to search with what we consider the best download pages of digital comics and manga.

Sites to download and read comics and manga scan online in Italian for free

The best sites to download comics and manga for free


In the following list, we show you the best digital comic download websites, in case you decide that the smell of cartoon paper has stopped pleasing you.


Over 100 pages from which you can choose your favorite comics. Its design is simple and you can easily adapt it to your device. You can choose which comic to read, on the right side of the page, or you can search in the box above the list of the manga.

If in doubt, in the start menu you can find guides from the website itself on how to read comics or how to download them.


A web is classic to give happiness to comic book lovers. It has a good collection of comics where you can choose from the most famous titles: One Piece, My hero academia, Berserk, Dorohedoro, Dragon Ball Super, One-punch Man …

The page layout is fairly clean and moderately easy to use. Once you have chosen the desired language, it will show you a timeline where you can see the comics uploaded to date.


Although at first, you may not understand the layout of its page, it is a solid website for downloading your favorite comics. You will be a little distracted by so much information on the front page when you see it for the first time, but then you will get used to it without problems.

You have to choose between Marvel and DC and some series like TWD or Vixen. Downloads are generally Mega. You can also find other types of interesting material, such as an encyclopedia of Star Wars characters.


A large database of Japanese comics. Easy to use and with all file specifications: title, language, total weight in MB, and format. It may seem like a very messy website, but it includes a search engine and a classification system of works by keywords or by the author’s name. It may take some time to adapt to its design, but when or you will find the best classic jewelry.