Track An Android Phone

What are the best apps for tracking a mobile phone?  Having lost or stolen your cell phone, unfortunately, is very common. Sometimes someone who finds a phone even tries to return it, but, to be on the safe side, it is better to be safe than sorry. Here is the list with the best apps to track down a phone.

There are applications to help you lose weight, to make video conferences, to search for constellations, and even to make bank transfers. A lot of information is stored on a smartphone, so when the device is lost or stolen, it raises a series of problems, from the loss of contacts to financial problems, taking into account the fact that a top-of-the-range phone can easily exceed € 1000.

Tips for avoiding problems with your lost or stolen phone

Before getting started with the list of apps to locate your Android phone in case of theft or loss, here are some tips to keep in mind to avoid such problems:

    • Back up your device contents regularly to another source, such as a computer or cloud. So even if you don’t have your device with you, you will have all the content saved.
    • Resetting the smartphone is very simple. Just enter the recovery mode and delete the data, regardless of the password lock. Give preference to IMEI blocking as this will prevent outsiders from using, selling, or trading your Android device.
    • With 3G / 4G you can keep track of your smartphone at any time.
    • Never put the phone in airplane mode, which interrupts any type of connection, thus preventing you from finding the device.

The best apps to track an Android phone

Having said that, let’s select the necessary applications for those who don’t want to risk losing their phone forever.

How to find a lost phone

Find my phone

has its ease of use as a huge differential. With just one touch you can find your smartphone, without problems or configuration difficulties. Just have the GPS turned on and an internet connection. It is possible to lock the lost smartphone, leaving it unusable, just have another smartphone available. Something very useful is also the possibility of sending messages to installed messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram on the lost device.

Cerberus burglar alarm: the most famous

Probably the most popular of all security apps, Cerberus anti-theft offers a myriad of features. It is free for a week and costs € 15.00. With the license, you can install the app on up to 3 different devices. You can control Android from the website via SMS; confirm the exchange of SIM cards, locate the phone, activate the alarm, delete the data, record the audio, take photos, get information on the calls made and received and many other functions.

Android device manager: the best native app

Google’s solution could not be missing from this list. Find My Device is simple and has four basic functions: track, find, block, and delete. Since the application is from Google, you only need to log in with your Gmail account and identify all the phones that share this account. It only works with active GPS and can be easily uninstalled.

Wemp Locator: the app that allows data backup

A very complete app, Wemp allows you to control various functions of the mobile phone through the site. The big differences between this application and the others are the data backup and the Map, where users will know of the areas where theft is most frequent. So the app itself warns you if you are approaching dangerous areas. For now, the map only works in some cities.

Easy Finder & Anti-Theft: the application with the cleanest and simplest interface

The free version of the app offers a number of features, such as cell phone monitoring, SIM change alert, take a photo when you mistakenly unlock your device, and backup your contacts. The paid version also offers 24-hour tracking and the ability to erase all data on the device.

You can sign in with a Google account, a Facebook account, or create an account in the app. Once done, just choose the functions you want to enable and that’s it. The app can be downloaded for free from the Play Store, however, there are a few paid options to unlock.

LostAndroid: the smallest application with many functions

This app is very small, only 243KB, it allows you to control many functions of your phone from any browser. When you install it, it automatically registers to your Gmail accounts on your smartphone. Next, go to, sign in with the Google account in question and you’re done.

Now you can vibrate the phone, sound the alarm, get the position, sound on / off, GPS, flash, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, to ask for the status of the phone, the list of installed applications, and send a message pop-up. In addition, you can send SMS, take a photo of who is using the device, lock/unlock the phone, erase SD card data, and devices, among many other functions.

Anti Theft Droid SMS: the free app

Anti Theft Droid SMS is an extremely simple app that allows you to get the location of your phone and activate an alarm via SMS. Simply configure the app on the phone and, if necessary, send an SMS with the keyword for each action to the lost phone. As you can see, the user interface is basic, but the app has several functions. Enable GPS, WiFi and, in case of SIM card change, show the new information (operator, IMEI, phone number), etc. The app is free (includes ads).