The always on display mode of OxygenOS 11 will not reach the OnePlus 7

The always on display mode of OxygenOS 11 will not - The always on display mode of OxygenOS 11 will not reach the OnePlus 7

An option that has become a point in favor of smartphones with an AMOLED screen is the always-on display mode, which allows you to keep most of the pixels off at all times on the screen to only see the time, date, and notifications. However OnePlus, but especially the OnePlus 7 Y OnePlus 7T they have a strange relationship with this mode so desired by users and that they could perfectly enjoy.

Since it was unveiled OxygenOS 11 and all its news there was talk of the arrival of the always-on display mode to these high-end smartphones, but the problems have been causing delays. Now that the latest open beta version had added this option, there is news that will leave all users with this smartphone more disappointed.

No always-on display mode in the OnePlus 7

The emotion that had caused the arrival of the Open Beta 4 update for the OnePlus 7 is now dissolved by the response of OnePlus support that allows us to know that although currently, the OxygenOS 11 beta version has offered the always-on display mode, it will be withdrawn from the stable update due to the problems it has generated.

screen always on display oneplus

Its development was already very slow, arriving several months later than the OnePlus 8, however, few could expect this movement in which these popular terminals finally stopped receiving an option for which they are apparently well prepared in terms of hardware. According to support, after evaluating the operation of the AOD mode on the OnePlus 7, It has been proven that its operation is not optimal due to the differences concerning the next generations and therefore it will be withdrawn.

He also adds that the only option to have this screen mode always on in the OnePlus 7 will be to stay in the Open Beta 4 version, although that will force us to live with errors in the system that affect other aspects such as the camera or the battery, plus outdated security patches, which is not an option to consider.

OnePlus breaks its word

oneplus 7 update problem

The announcement of OxygenOS 11 with the outstanding canvas mode that allows converting any background into an always-on display mode of the terminal promised them very happy together with Android 11 and the arrival in many terminals of the brand, however, sometime later those promises have been being forgotten. The photos are already showing the anger on the part of the users, which leaves the promises of the firm in a compromised position.

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