The 9 best Chrome extensions for students

Thanks to technology, times have completely changed and many students have numerous on their side apps and extensions that help them complete tasks and projects. An example is those available on Google Chrome, able to help students complete schoolwork.

We have described the best in this article Chrome extensions that every student should install and use. Let’s begin!

Mercury Reader

Are you reading an article on a website but it is full of banners and advertisements? A real hassle and a distraction for you trying to focus on a certain task.

Chrome extensions for students

Luckily there is Mercury Reader, one of the best tools that allow you to “Clean” a website of all unnecessary content. To do this, simply click on the extension icon located in the upper right corner: with a simple click, you will activate it and you can enjoy reading the article without distractions.

Mercury Reader also allows you to send the article to your Kindle as well as adjust the text size, font and choose a more restful dark theme.

Strict Workflow

It is easy enough for students to get distracted and wasting precious hours on social media and other websites. If it happens to you too, then you should download Strict Workflow! This extension “forces” you to work for 25 minutes in exchange for a five-minute break. Obviously, during each work session, you will not be allowed to access those websites that can distract you.

Strict Workflow already comes with a list of sites to block, For example, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and many more. You can of course add other websites to this list to customize the experience of using this useful extension. Finally, know that the only way to be able to browse the web while you are studying is to disable the extension!


Google Chrome Student Extensions

Memorize! is the extension that helps you remember terms and definitions but also memorize your homework. You can use it to create questions and answers that this extension will ask you at predefined intervals.

A browser notification will interrupt your every activity to ask you for the answer to a certain question. Each time you give a wrong answer, you will be able to see a single character of the solution, until you provide the complete correct answer.

With Memorize! you can define the frequency of the questions and also cancel the question itself in case you are doing complex work that you cannot postpone.

Note Board – Sticky Notes App

Note-taking is very important if you are trying to be productive and memorize fundamentals. Here’s why you should try Note Board, an extension that allows you to take notes using a note board in your browser.

With Note Board, you can choose to create multiple bulletin boards with different purposes and to add to them as many notes as you want. You can also fully customize the experience of using this extension. Note Board allows you, in fact, to set reminders, create connections between notes, add multimedia files, draw, make a backup on the cloud, and much more.

Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary

This is a must-have extension for any student as it helps you broaden your vocabulary. Once installed, Google Dictionary allows you to view the meaning of words on a web page by simply clicking on those of your interest.

The definition of the word is displayed in a sort of bubble and, by clicking on “Other”, you can also discover the synonyms, the translation, the use of the word in the sentence, its origin, and much more.


Screencastify is the extension of Google Chrome which allows you to record, edit and share videos that are stored directly in Google Drive. With Screencastify you can also edit your videos using the tools that the extension makes available to you.

Voice In Voice Typing

There voice typing can come in very handy if you have to study the notes collected during a lecture at the university. Voice in voice typing is the right extension for you: once installed, you will be prompted to select the language in which you want to dictate and to grant permission to the microphone. After that, you can start dictating your notes right away!

The final result offered by Voice In Voice Typing it is very good but you will always have to double-check the text and its punctuation.

Auto Highlight

Google Chrome Student Extensions

Auto Highlight is an extension of Google Chrome which helps students ad examine large materials in a short period of time. Once activated, the extension highlights the most important paragraphs of a specific text using an elaborate algorithm that identifies which are the main phrases based on the frequency with which certain terms appear in the text.

Auto Highlight doesn’t help you get an in-depth look at the article but it definitely proves very useful if you’re just trying to decide if that text contains information you could use for your work or study.

My study life

My Study Life it’s a chrome app for the management of activities and planning, specially designed for students and teachers: you can use this app to create a complete schedule of lessons, tests, and assignments. Once all the data is added, My Study Life will give you a complete overview of your program and will take care of notifying you of the lessons or upcoming expiration dates.

My Study Life also allows you to save your homework in its cloud storage so you can access it from anywhere and at any time.