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The 5 best security cameras (residential)

 5 best security cameras

Here are 5 tips for the best security cameras you can purchase in 2020. See which ones are best for monitoring your home internally or externally.

Most of these cameras have features for saving data from recordings. Monitoring videos are recorded in 1080p Full HD. Easy to install and handle, monitoring can be followed live through the smartphone or tablet screen.

The values ​​of the cameras vary according to the make, model, and amount of available resources. But we guarantee that you will find here one that will fit your budget. Now check out some of the best security cameras below.

1. Samsung SmartThings Cam

Samsung SmartThings Cam

The SmartThings security camera from Samsung has a light design as it has soft colors so it can match any environment in your home. It is one of the most suitable for monitoring homes in many environments.

SmartThings allows access and visualization of data stored in the cloud, so you can go backward or forwards in time, and thus review what happened in the home environments. It has motion detection and 1080p Full HD video quality. For those who purchase the Premium plan, the data is stored for up to 30 days and for up to 8 cameras installed.

In the Free plan, which is ideal for homes with few rooms, storage is limited to the last 24 hours, and the user can have up to 4 cameras monitored and recording at the same time. Prices start at $ 76.95 on Amazon.

2. Ring Stick Up Cam

Ring Stick Up Cam

Most recommended for use outdoors, the Ring Up Stick camera can also be installed inside the environment. With a visibly simple and discreet design, the colors in black and white, combine perfectly inside or outside the residence.

It also records and plays videos in high resolution as it has 1080p Full HD quality. It has the feature of two-way communication, allowing you to communicate with the person being monitored live. And if you have Amazon Alexa installed in your home, you can control the camera through your voice assistant. It costs around $ 100.

3. Wyze Cam

3. Wyze Cam

For indoor use, Wyze Cam is one of the most popular cameras on the market today. The focal length is 2.8 mm as it has a 110º wide-angle lens. From these characteristics, the images will be absolutely clear live or recorded, as it has a resolution of 1920 × 1080 in 1080p Full HD.

With a digital zoom of up to 8x, you can zoom in on the image for a more accurate view. She films and records in dark environments with the night mode feature. It has two data storage options, you can save it in the cloud or on the MicroSD card. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa devices and its value is around R $ 258.80, just search to find values ​​far below.

4. Blink XT2

4. Blink XT2

For use indoors or outdoors, the Blink XT2 is one of the best security cameras available on the market today. With customizable motion detection and live recording, it captures both day and night with infrared, images with HD resolution up to 1080p.

Easy to install (no need to call a technician), it is more recommended for home monitoring. When installed at the gate of the house or on the wall, it can function as a kind of electronic intercom, when using the bidirectional audio function.

It also integrates with Alexa and has the possibility to send all recordings to the cloud, but it is necessary to pay an annual fee to use the storage service. Value starts at $ 79.99 and an optional $ 20 if you want to purchase the annual cloud storage plan. It is starting at R $ 786.99.

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5. Google Nest Cam

5. Google Nest Cam

Also following high-quality video recording, the Google Nest Cam home security camera does not disappoint or owe you, even if it is only for indoor use in environments. But it is also the most expensive of this group summarized here.

As we said, its value is well above that of other cameras even though it is one that uses wire. However, keep this in mind as it offers Full HD 1080p resolution, has live streaming and facial recognition. It has night vision for night monitoring and is compatible for use with various applications. Its value on Amazon is from R $ 2,334.00.

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