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Windows 10 latest update

Windows 10: Latest Update Slows Down The PC And Causes Serious Errors!

Microsoft has released new updates for Windows that are causing huge problems for many users. Thus, the recent "bug fix" updates released by this company can be considered as the worst so far. They are creating...
How to choose a Mini PC

Best Mini PCs With Windows And MacOS – 2020

A Mini PC can be useful for a thousand uses, it is easy to transport, cheap and adapts to every need. In recent years we have seen a general increase in the prices of top-of-the-range...

How To Install Kodi on Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone

With cable cutting on the rise, Kodi, XBMC's proprietary media player, has become one of the most sought-after software to access movies, TV shows, and live TV, so let's see how to install Kodi on...
Speed U​p Windows 10 To The Max

How To Speed U​p Windows 10 To The Max

Through this article, we will see how to speed up Windows 10 running on normally equipped machines that need an extra boost. Microsoft first introduced this feature to use a USB drive or SD...
factory settings of Windows 10

Restore Factory Settings Windows 10, Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, HP

So you want to know how to factory reset Windows 10, Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, HP ... Is your computer slow, crashing regularly, or not working properly? Have you tried everything but the attempts...
Drag and Drop

How to change the “Drag and Drop” function in Windows 10

When it comes to Drag and Drop it's easy to think of a variety of programs and features related to software and operating systems. In a Windows environment, in fact, this function allows you...