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Game: Traintiles Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

Traintiles - this is a game where you can try your luck and try yourself as a talented engineer, to solve complex transportation problems. All of them, however, will be reduced to just one - the proper movement of the train from…

Number Lock for Nokia Symbian Phones

number Lock - nice program that allows you to secure your smartphone, as well as to decorate it a little bit. The essence of the her is simple - Number Lock changes the the locking method to and unlocking the smartphone's on the method…

Peak Gold for Nokia – gold-arcade game!

Gold Peak - a game in which we are to tackle the most enjoyable thing that only exists in my life - collecting money! However, the money's not true - we will collect the gold. It will have to learn to react quickly - conveyor filled…

Shake The Bottle Nokia S60v5 And Symbain^3

The software house picoBrothers published on the Nokia store in a new inutility to install on Symbian smartphones to get, as well as a few laughs in the company, the muscles! It Shake The Bottle , the application which will display a…

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