Spotify Tips And Tricks


change username on Spotify

If you have been using Spotify for a long time, you may need to change your name, because it has bored you or because now you have another user and you want to use it in this application. The vast majority of social networks allow you to modify this part and Spotify also, we will explain how to do it.

If you enter your account you will see that there is no easy way to change it, or at least this option is not easily found. The username is the identity that everyone will know you by on Spotify, so having one that you like is important.

Before you start, you should know that if you signed up for Spotify with your email address, the system will automatically generate a username. On the other hand, if you joined the platform with Facebook, you should have chosen your username or used the one you had on Facebook. 

It is for all the above, that many users have a name that they have not chosen and that is why it is important that you know how to change it without having to migrate your lists to a new Spotify account.

Steps to follow to change the name of Spotify

This is the method to do it:

Step 1:

  • Open Spotify, go to the Home tab, and go to Settings (top right in the form of a gear).

Step 2:

  • Click on the option “View profile” and then on “Edit profile”.

Step 3:

  • Now press the name and write the one you want.

Step 4:

  • Then click on “Save.”

With the previous steps, you can also change your profile picture if you do not have or want to put another. If you have connected your Facebook account with Spotify, your name of the social network will be displayed.

But if you put a Spotify profile name with the previous steps, the name that will appear will be that and not your Facebook name, so it is in your hands to choose which one you want to see.

With more than 40 million users, Spotify is the world’s most popular music streaming service for Apple Music. And for good reason, it has a simple interface and an extensive library. Certainly, many of our readers are avid users of that platform, but are you sure you are making the most of it?

We present a list with our favorite Spotify resources, tips, and tricks so that they have the best experience.


1. Better sound quality

First, go to the menu so you can choose the sound quality. Choose between Normal (96 kbps), High (160 kbps), or Extreme (320 kbps). It will consume more data, but they can choose to enable it when they are on WiFi.

2. Save music for offline mode

This is not new, but it is important to remember. If the user is a Premium user, you can take advantage of this feature. Keep your lists in the best possible quality (see point 1).

3. Organize lists into folders

The songs are in playlists and playlists within folders. To create one, the user must click on a playlist (in the left menu on the desktop application), select Create a folder, choose a name and save.

Organize lists into folders


4. See who follows you

Go to your library section and click on the profile photo in the upper left corner. There you can see who follows you, who you follow, and, incidentally, what the user has recently heard.

6. Playlist

It’s horrible when in public spaces they do not let a song finish and cut the music. Current sound to place the next one, there is no reason for that when you can add songs to a play queue.

Just click on the three dots and select Add to playlist.

7. Search inside your library

Do you want to find a particular album? Swipe down the screen and a search bar will appear.

8. Spotify web

Can’t install the application at work? Don’t want to install? Okay, just go to play.spotify.com to access a basic version and listen without installing any programs.

9. Keyboard shortcuts

They can control Spotify by using only the keyboard for greater efficiency.

  • Use the space bar to pause/resume
  • Next song with Ctrl-Right (Cntrl-Command-Right on Mac)
  • A previous song with Cntrl-Left (Cntrl-Command-Left on Mac)
  • Volume with Ctrl-Up or Down (Command up or down on Mac)
  • To create a new Cntrl-N playlist.

Your music

10. Add music that is not on Spotify

Do you miss listening to the music of artists who are not on Spotify? If you like Tool, Prince or Radiohead, and have the files on your computer, go to Preferences, Add source and select the folder that contains them. That way, they will appear in the library in the Local files section on the left.

11. Recover a deleted list

That’s right, this is possible. access the site, log in, account settings profile details and access Retrieve lists. Ready

12. Weekly Discovery

This is a list of 30 songs that Spotify compiles from your habits. It is very accurate. It is updated every Monday and the user can find it on the Playlists tab.

Weekly Discovery


13. Follow your friends

If the user has a friend who listens to good music, do not waste time and follow him. Go to the Find friends section or search for their names in the search field.

14. Have you used the codes?

Spotify Codes is another way to share music. Make Sacan a code from another device to download a song. o can also scan codes published by other artists, on posters or advertisements.

15. Make a collaborative playlist

They may have to make a list for a wedding or party and need help. Create a list, click with the right mouse button, and make it collaborative, so that any friend can access and add music.

Make a collaborative playlist


16. Filter by years

If you want to hear something from Radiohead, but old, you can filter the search for years. For example: “Radiohead year: 1990-99” and it’s done ..

17. Filter what you don’t want

This command is similar to Google’s. the user can add “no” next to a term he wants to exclude from his search.

Other functions

18. Listen with lyrics

Press the bar at the bottom. Look at the lyrics and the history of the song. Note: if nothing appears for the user, it means that the lyrics or history of that song is not available.

19. private mode

If you don’t want others to discover your tastes, you can go private to listen to music. Go to Configuration (top right) and choose the Private Session option.

When finished, you can disable it in the same way.

21 Playlist to listen to at your own pace

Spotify can choose songs that have the same rhythm as your running speed. the user only needs to run, go to Explore and search for an existing playlist to be heard, Spotify will use the phone’s sensors to choose the music that accompanies your rhythm.