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[AppsOcean] SMS & Contacts Color Lock v1.00 Retailed by Txus

SMS & Contacts Color Lock v1.00 S60v5/S60v3/Symbian^3/Anna/Belle TEXT MESSAGE and contacts are some of the most important information on your phone. Do you leave the important text and contacts leaving them available to everybody? No! must be password secured … Ohooo! but password protection is long and difficult in regular use … Do not worry! SMS & Contacts… Read More »

[Zoran Werner] Animated Timer v1.02 Unsigned Full Retail by Txus

Want a watch or timer cool touch to your smartphone? This timer offers stylish bars progress animation for minutes, seconds and even milliseconds. It also gives the ability to store and display up to TEN laps recorded. The horizontal mode works with the background task while in multitasking. 1.2.3 The current version supports animated timer Nokia mobile touchscreen… Read More »

Patrick Frei PhoNetInfo v3.08 Signed Retail by CASANOVA

PhoNetInfo 3.8.0 retrieves detailed phone and network info for example software version; IMSI; IMEI; SIM card and battery level; WLAN IP, MAC, MTU and speed; Bluetooth MAC and device class; network mode, name, signal strength, (cell) ID and country code; CPU speed, type and architecture; RAM and ROM; running tasks; MMC & SD Card; supported camera formats, etc.… Read More »

CurrencyConverter v1.05(4) UnSigned Retailed by Txus Nokia S^1, S^3 Anna Belle

This edition is free therefore advertising conversions as well work off-line, This is really useful in roaming. The integrated calculator Quick Tax (VAT) button board and makes this app invaluable abroad. With the transmitter that includes units, one can quickly convert common units. How to do currency conversion 1. If not in Currency Made, select “Currency Converter from the Options menu 2.… Read More »

PhonePhreak PocketSensor v1.30.1 UnSigned Full Retailed by Txus

PocketSensor uses the built-in proximity sensor to automatically lock the phone hen it is in a pocket. Select Options > Hide to keep PocketSensor active in the background. Select Exit to deactivate PocketSensor. deactivate PocketSensor later, bring up his screen again. To do this, select PocketSensor from the menu. PhonePhreak PocketSensor v1.30.1 UnSigned Full Retailed by Txus  Nokia S60v5/Symbian^3/Anna/Belle… Read More »

ThinkChange CamEFx v3.00 Full UnSigned Retail by POPDA

  CamEfx is the photo software which Symbian users have been waiting. you can preview the effects in real time before taking the photo! It covers everything to make taking pictures fun: just start the app, select a filter,* preview the effect in real time,* take a snapshot and share it with your friends and networks. A set… Read More »

Eleka Software Fuel Mate v1.03 UnSigned Full Retailed by 4T™

Fuel Mate lets you monitor your vehicles’ fuel usage and expenses. It functions a user-friendly and simple-to-use. the user interfaces with a lot of personalization choices. The full display consumption chart tells you exactly how economically you have been driving. Full version purchased and shared by vutaikt@4T™ Eleka Software Fuel Mate v1.03 UnSigned Full Retailed by 4T™   Nokia S60v5/Symbian^3/Anna/Belle Supported… Read More »

MrAlshahawy Apps Locker v1.1.0 Unsigned Retailed by 4T™

Apps Locker protects your secrecy and your sensitive details as (Files, Photos, Texts, Contacts, Log, Movies, Games, and more) from illegal access. Apps Locker is very easy to use, simply choose all programs you want to protect from unauthorized access, and set a ‘Lock Code’ to use to access these applications. Without providing your ‘Lock Code’ no one… Read More »

Mahesh NoSignalAlarm v1.0.2 Unsigned Retail By DSPDA™ Nokia S^1, S^3 Anna Belle

No Signal Alarm v1.0.2 No Signal Alarm alerts you when the phone loses signal. You will not miss that important call again. Hope you enjoy using the application. Mahesh NoSignalAlarm v1.0.2 Unsigned Retail By DSPDA™  Nokia S60v5/Symbian^3/Anna/Belle Supported Phones Nokia Symbian^3 (S^3) Nokia N8, C6-01, C7-00, E7-00, E6, X7, 500, 603, 700, 701, 808 Symbian S60v5 (S^1) Nokia… Read More »