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January, 2022

  • 22 January

    PlayStation Network Charge? (What is SIE)

    PlayStation Network Charge

    Are you being in the process of being charged an amount each month by PlayStation? Even if there is no clue as to what you’re paying for A certain amount is taken each month out of your credit or debit card under its name as the SIE PlayStation Network charge. When …

February, 2021

  • 20 February

    How to enable HDR for PlayStation 5 on popular TVs

    If you are one of the lucky owners of PS5, you have a console with extraordinary potential. In fact, thanks to this technological gem, it is possible to obtain a framerate higher than PS4. Load times too, thanks to the superior hardware, consisting of Super-fast SSDs, enjoy a substantial improvement. …

November, 2019

  • 15 November

    PlayStation 5: Release Date, Price, Specs, Rumors and News

    Almost half a decade has passed since the introduction of PlayStation 4, and no new hardware has since. However, the CEO of the company has confirmed that new hardware is making the news. The PlayStation 4 is still one of the largest selling gaming consoles in the market. Being the …