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how to solve Fitbit doesn’t sync with phone?

solve Fitbit doesn't sync with phone

See in this article how to solve your Fitbit sync problem. If you have a Fitbit Versa, Sense, Charge or Inspire and it doesn’t connect to your phone, check out 10 tips to try to solve this problem. This guide may also resolve if Fitbit is not responding to button commands, …

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How to connect Fitbit to Windows computer

connect Fitbit to Windows computer

How to connect Fitbit to a computer? Check out all the steps to sync Fitbit on your desktop. This is a complete guide for you to diversify the use of your Fitbit tracker. In addition to connecting with the cell phone, the tracker can also be configured on a computer with Windows …

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Fitbit Smartbands Could Detect Covid-19

Fitbit smartbands could detect Covid-19

Recently, Fitbit announced that it will carry out a study that seeks to detect COVID-19 symptoms early with its smart bands. This is not entirely new, as for the past couple of months several research institutes have been using these same smart bands to determine if COVID-19, or even a common cold, can …

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Google bought Fitbit

1572622676 Google bought Fitbit Droidbug

Google announced the purchase of fitness tracker manufacturer Fitbit for $ 2.1 billion, which corresponds to $ 7.35 for every Fitbit security. The deal will be closed in 2020 after regulatory approval. The Google deal will help enter the market for smartwatches and wearable electronics, and Fitbit considers Google the …

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