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SymFTP FTP server Application for Nokia Symbian^3 S60v5

Our friend MrCivic alerted us SymFTP , a new application that expands how to transfer files to our Symbian touch.

Transforming our phone in an FTP server, we can access remotely from your PC, or other devices, along with the files inside the phone and transfer them with ease.

To use it you must be connected to a WiFi network, and a server is activated, it is sufficient for you to type the IP address of the phone into an FTP client (I would recommend FileZilla ) or directly in Windows Explorer.

The only drawback, which for many will not be anything significant, it is the only access to a single memory unit at a time.

SymFTP is compatible with smartphones Symbian ^ 3 and S60 5th Edition , and if you are interested you can get it, just 2 Euro , from this page Ovi Store.

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