Streamingcommunity is a new site that allows you to watch movies and TV series in streaming for free without registration. Here’s what you need to know about Streamingcommunity.


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Today I want to present to all readers a new and interesting website that allows you to watch movies and TV series in streaming for free without registration.

The portal is called Streamingcommunity and the name leaves little to the imagination: inside we find all the more or less recent films and TV series: the latest films released in cinemas, the latest TV series broadcast by Sky, NetflixDisney +Amazon Prime Video and much more.

Since it is a very interesting website, I would say not to get lost in chat and start immediately with the article to find out all that Streamingcommunity has to offer us.  


News published for informational purposes only. Below we are only going to point out a website freely available to anyone, accessible through a simple Google search. If you use the indicated site, do so at your own risk, assuming all the responsibilities of the case. We do not take any responsibility for any copyright infringement, we have no connection with the portal indicated in the article. 

What is Streamingcommunity?

As anticipated, it is a completely free streaming movie and TV series site, like many others we have already talked about on our site (such as CB01Altadefinizione, and all the others).

If you are looking for a movie or a TV series to watch streaming for free online and without registration, Streamingcommunity is the site for you. Very up to date, highly stocked, simple to use and navigate. A recommended site!

How to visit Streamingcommunity

To visit this site you can simply go to the address

What you see above is the only official and always updated site of the portal.

Old addresses of Streamingcommunity NO longer working

These addresses are old, out of date, and no longer function as they are blacked out / blocked in Italy:

Old addresses

Is Streamingcommunity safe?

I think so.

To watch movies and TV series in streaming on the portal, registration is not required (it is optional, but we will talk about it shortly) and the advertisements present are not too heavy or invasive.

In any case, to block and hide all the advertisements and popups that appear when you browse Streamingcommunity, just download and install any AdBlocker for your internet browser. In this way, you will be able to browse the site safely, without opening advertising windows or the like.

How to use Streamingcommunity to watch streaming movies for free?

The use of Streamingcommunity is extremely simple, clear, and immediate, within the reach of even less experienced users.

To watch your favorite movies or TV series for free in streaming, all you have to do is:

  • access the Streamingcommunity homepage (link at the beginning of the article)
  • Search for the movie or TV series you are interested in (either from the homepage, from the search form, or from the navigation bar)
  • once you have found the movie or TV series you are interested in, you can watch them in streaming for free by clicking on the dedicated play button

streaming for free

As you can see, watching streaming movies for free on Streamingcommunity is quick and easy, certainly within everyone’s reach, also because it seems to me that the movies and TV series, in this case, are uploaded directly to the portal and not to external video hosting sites. 

Very interesting to note, then, that for each film you will find:

  • plot
  • trailer
  • information about the actors and the cast
  • information on gender and duration

In short, it is a very complete portal that allows you to watch movies and TV series streaming for free in an extremely simple way.

How to download movies and tv series from Streamingcommunity

At the moment it is NOT possible to download the movies and TV series on Streamingcommunity.

You can only stream them online, but you cannot download them to watch them offline and without the internet.

I don’t know if in the future there will be the possibility to download the contents from Streamingcommunity, in case I will publish a guide about it.

Streamingcommunity is free and paid

One thing that differentiates Streamingcommunity from other Italian streaming sites is related to the fact that this site is available for users in two versions:

  • one free (with limitations)
  • one for a fee (3 euros per month)

The paid one, unlike the free one, allows you to:

  • remove advertising from the site
  • have access to the forum with the possibility of having a special tag
  • have top priority in requests for uploading movies and TV series

The paid one

However, I cannot tell you which payment methods are accepted by the portal since I have not tried to subscribe, which in any case requires registration.


Well, with this article on Streamingcommunity I’d say we’re done.

I hope I have answered all your doubts and questions. If something is still not clear, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will reply as soon as possible.

Let me know at the end of the article what you think about Streamingcommunity. Do you prefer to use other sites for streaming movies and TV series?