Steelrising is a popular RPG that lets players use special and combo weapons. The RPG has a great storyline and easy gameplay. Multiple weapons can be confusing for new players. This guide will help you choose a Steelrising weapon from our tier list.

Spiders developed and published Steelrising. Microsoft Windows, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S support the game. The game received mixed reviews, but most players like it. The game’s popularity is why you should learn about its best weapons.

Steelrising Best Weapons S Tier List

These are the best weapons overall. You can win and have fun with any gun from this tier.

Charleville 1789 Shield Musket

Charleville 1789 Shield Musket


Steelrising’s best long-range weapon. Charleville 1789 has powerful elemental attacks. Frost, Fire, and Lightning are elemental attacks.

Frost is the strongest elemental attack. The frost musket quickly freezes and damages enemies. The Charleville 1789 Shield Musket creates a frost shield that protects the player from harm.


Nemesis Claws

Nemesis Claws

Nemesis Claws is a powerful weapon. High damage and agility make this a great weapon. This weapon’s counterattack ability deals massive damage to enemies. This attack immobilizes the enemy and allows more attacks. This is one of the best weapons in the game, and experienced players can win many battles with it.

Fire Chain

Fire Chain

Mid-range weapons haven’t been discussed. Fire Chain is a good mid-range weapon. After frost, fire is the best elemental attack for hordes.

This mid-range weapon is powerful. “Invocation of Fire” helps clear enemies.

It deals fire damage every second, as its name suggests. So, it’s one of the game’s best weapons.

Steelrising Best Weapons A Tier List

The weapons that are listed in this tier might not be the best, but they are useful if you know how to use them properly. If you want to use weapons of this tier, all you need is a little bit of experience under your belt.

Falchion And Sabre

Have you seen swords? Falchion and Sabre are fast-doing swords. Twin guns can hit multiple enemies at once. Both guns are mobile and damage-effective.

When facing horde-type enemies, you can create a tornado to clear the area.

Knowing the weapon’s mechanics makes it easy to use. Use these guns often to become habituated.

Wheel Of Vengeance

Melee weapons are required. Wheel of vengeance is a close-range short-range weapon. This weapon deals a lot of damage, and its counterattack is a burn shield.

The Wheel of Vengeance is slow, so your attacks must be perfectly timed. Missing the attack will hurt you. You can deal a lot of damage to enemies by timing your attacks.

Steelrising Best Weapons B Tier List

The weapons that are included in this tier are of poor quality, and the player must have sufficient experience to use them. If you want to learn the mechanics of how they work, you can try using them.

Frosted Fans

Frosted Fans

We’ve discussed frost’s ability. Frosted fans use frost. Frost only works with long-range weapons.

This weapon isn’t very powerful, but it can be useful. This gun can “Invoke Ice.” This ability deals huge frost damage.

Volley Mallet

Volley Mallet

Another slow-but-damaging weapon. This gun’s “Volley of Gunfire” ability deals large AOE damage. Enemies are immobilized.

Steelrising Best Weapons C Tier List

The META inventory no longer contains the following weapons: This indicates that these weapons will not receive any buffs for a significant amount of time and will not be useful in any kind of conflict. Nevertheless, these firearms could prove useful in a variety of settings and predicaments.

Labrys And Francisca

Labrys And Francisca

Labrys and Francisca have twin swords. They’re bad and not used in META. These guns aren’t special, so avoid using them in-game.

Hephaestus Batons

This weapon is good for fast combos but doesn’t deal enough damage to use in-game. This gun shoots flames at enemies. Fire damage is also dealt with.


Ways to unlock Weapons in Steelrising

Charleville 1789 Shield Musket – You can find this in Saint-cloud. It can be unlocked by opening the chest after defeating the mini-boss, the unstable lancer.

Nemesis Claws – You can find this in Saint-cloud. 

Fire Chain – This can be found in Les Invalides, Gross Caillou near a church.

Falchion And Sabre – You can find this in Saint cloud’s forest area from the first vestal.

Wheel Of Vengeance – The Wheel Of Vengeance is located in the Factory port area of Les Invalides near De Vaucanson’s Workshop.

Frosted Fans – This can be bought from the Boutique in Versailles.

Volley Mallet – you can find the Volley Mallet in La Cite.

Labrys And Francisca – You can find Labrys And Francisca in Versailles.

Hephaestus Batons – you can find The Hephaestus Batons in La Cite near the “Unstable Butcher” boss arena.


This concludes our Steelrising weapons tier list guide. When used properly, Steelrising is fun. Before the game, pick the best weapons. If you have questions, comment. What’s your favourite weapon? Cheers!


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