Split Redmi K30 Dual Camera


How To Split Redmi K30 Dual Camera

Just follow these simple steps:

1. go to ” Settings “, the standard gear icon on all Android devices;

2. access the developer options by tapping repeatedly on the “MIUI version”. Warning: some users have noticed that with the introduction of the MIUI 11, the taps to access this mode are no longer 7 but more. Don’t worry, just follow the directions that appear in the pop-up cloud and stop when necessary;

3. once you have obtained the permissions from the system, go back through the arrow at the top left and scroll down (from the “Settings” screen) until you find the word ” Additional settings “;

4. click on this wording and access the menu of the same name. At the bottom you will find the word ” Developer options “: click here to access the latter mode;

5. at this point just find the indication ” shorter length ” referring to the camera. The default value will be around 390 dp but it will be necessary to set it to 380 dp. Once done, we will have a dual-camera divided and no longer united.

Lu Weibing, general manager of the Redmi brand, predicted that holes of this type will become the main new trend for selfie cameras in 2020.

Previously it was thought that the pop-up camera would be the future but takes up too much space inside devices and due to larger batteries, more antennas for the reception (in particular 5G), and a more powerful cooling system, it will not be possible to integrate more than one vault sensor using retractable technology.