SokoBall: Android game in 3D for free

SokoBall for Android

A nice Android game that struck me just reading the description, his full name is SokoBall (Sokoban 3d) and was developed by BTG Studio (Polinia, independent devs).is the union of the rules of games where you are moving with a ball in the game with others in which you must place objects in certain positions.

Opening “few frills” or unnecessary sections: the upper right corner a handy icon to mute the sound in the upper left instead of an icon that leads to a circuit Android but irrelevant to the operation of the game, however I show you the screen shows when clicked as second ss.:


we see the three levels of the main box called worlds, by way of example in the first there are 30 levels presented in this way:

click on the first and you will find in the game:

with the arrow in the lower right I moved the first white block on the platform at the bottom, for confirmation of the correct procedure has turned green:

there is no back arrow to move the ball in the back, you have to click the arrows at the bottom left side that move the view of 90 ° to click, so when the ball gives you the shoulders can move forward again with a click on ^ that is a step.

In this way I also arranged a second:

clicking the button O on the forward arrow you will see the game environment with a top view, a + icon is then used to zoom-in and – to zoom-out:

in the area to the left of the game window instead we see at the top if you click the pause icon that you look at what it shows:

the game environment with three options for the level line at the bottom:

– Homescreen menu that shows in the game,

– Restart to start the level,

– Resume to continue the level from where you paused.

By clicking the pause menu ? top left here is a tutorial that is presented overlay command:


finished the first level I received 2 stars out of three because the number of moves has been high, you will understand the summary screen:

to move to the next level is necessary to overcome the last reached for the box next instead be the very minimum of stars that are 20 for the second and 40 for third.

Find Sokoball the game for free and without banners Google Play Store