user selection screen on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been the portable console “par excellence” for several years but its use is not necessarily personal. It is easy for the Nintendo home console to be shared among several family members and, therefore, for multiple users accounts to be entered. Often, however, it is always the same user who uses the console more frequently. For this reason, it may make sense to choose to skip the user selection screen with the Nintendo Switch. This is a simple option to activate in the console settings.

In this case, the console will start without going through this screen with an automatic login at power on for the account active at the time of the previous shutdown. This is one more option that Nintendo makes available to its users who, for whatever reason, have multiple profiles saved on their Switch. Completing this operation, one of the easiest to use among the many hidden functions of the Nintendo Switch, is simple. In addition, the Nintendo Switch software offers various tools to better manage the various profiles.


Skip the user selection screen on Nintendo Switch: here’s how to do it in a few steps

The procedure to follow to skip the user selection screen with the Nintendo Switch is very simple. This procedure is the same for all Switches. There are different models of Nintendo Switch on the market but, from a software point of view, there are no real differences and it will be enough to follow the few steps indicated to achieve the goal of deactivating access to the user selection screen.

After accessing the console and entering the access data of your account, you can access the “home page” of the Switch software. From this screen, you can start a game, access the store, and all the other functions of the console. To activate automatic login with Nintendo Switch, simply go to System Settings. This option is present in the bottom bar. This is the penultimate key, between Controller and Rest Mode.

At this point, once you have accessed the settings, you need to scroll through the list of various options on the left side of the screen, until you reach the User section. By moving the cursor to the right, you can access all the information relating to the account with which you logged in when you switched on the Nintendo Switch. However, this section also contains the option we are looking for. Just scroll down to find the Skip user selection screen option.

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After highlighting this item, therefore, just press the A key on the console to activate the option. When this step is complete, “ Yes ” will appear next to the Skip user selection screen. There is nothing else to do. Once this setting is activated, in fact, the next time the console is turned on, you can immediately benefit from the change. The account with which you logged in will already be available, without the need to enter the login data again.

How to re-enable access to the user selection screen

Of course, the newly activated option is not irreversible. In fact, at any time and for any reason, it will be possible to restore the user selection screen of the Nintendo Switch. The procedure to follow is the same as previously seen. You will therefore need to go to System Settings > User and then press A after highlighting the Skip user selection screen option. The option is deactivated when the word “ No ” is indicated next to this item. Again, no further confirmation is required. The next time, the console will restore the passage for the user selection screen.

How to add, remove or transfer a user on Nintendo Switch

Managing user accounts on Nintendo Switch is super easy. With just a few steps, it is possible to add or remove an account and it is also possible to transfer an account to a nearby Nintendo Switch. All account management can be done from the System Settings > User section of the console. In this section, it is possible to identify the options Add a user or Remove a user. There is also the option to transfer the user profile to another nearby Switch.

Through these options, it is easy to trace the various functions for managing the users saved within the console. By pressing Add a user, for example, you can create a new one or import an existing one. Just follow the procedure indicated step by step. In a few moments, you will have access to the new account also from your console. In the same way, it is possible to remove the user from the console or transfer him to another Switch.


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